Technician is a comprehensive term that includes skilled or semi-skilled professionals who have a practical understanding of the general theories in a particular technological field. They do not have generally a high degree of knowledge of the specifics but their expertise lay in their mastery over the technique which gives them an edge.

A technician resume is flexible and can be molded accordingly to the job profile for which you are applying and also on the basis of your being a fresher or an old hand. So you can either emphasize on your education and work experience by selecting one of the sections or highlight both sections with equal importance.

Technician Resumes

Technician Resume Example

It is extremely crucial in what manner you display your array of information in your resume. You can get started at the basic by mentioning your name, and full-fledged contact details.

Next come the two most important sections of your resume – your education and work history. First, give a summary of your educational records and technical expertise in the ascending manner. Better use a tabular format for this section that would highlight your qualification and achievements in a manner that is easy to reference.

If you are a fresher, then this is the section you must emphasize most on. Mention the name of the institutions from where you passed, and in a very brief manner furnish details of your course so that your employer may know the range of skills you have imbibed in yourself and could work on if hired.

Technician Resumes

Work Experience

The next section is the work experience segment. Here you must be judicious how you present the great deal of information you want to pass on to your employer. The most basic step is to use bullets and numbers format and write down your experience in points rather than descriptive paragraphs.

Since technicians are needed in many major fields, so if you have worked in a variety of sectors then outline the name of the employers you have worked with, the period of time you spent there and briefly mention your job description. However, if you have worked in a single sector only but in different roles, then cut down on repetitive job description, and under the heading of the name of the various roles you have worked in, emphasize your skills and achievements. Also give examples of your achievements in various roles.

Technician Resumes

Once this is done, the next section in your resume is the CTC (cost to the company) section. If you have previous stints of work, you should first mention the last drawn salary from the company you have just left or intend to leave and then give your expected CTC. If you are a fresher, you can set a figure that matches industry standards. However if you are open to negotiate on this ground, then mention that beside the figure you quote.

Before you sign your resume, have a concluding section where you give a declaration to say that all the information furnished are true to the best of your knowledge and pledge to work hard and honestly to satisfy your employer if selected.