The general meaning of technology refers to the know how of tools and crafts. We can not have a compartmentalised definition on technology even then it can be taken as hardware, machines and also with little more broader expression of systems and methods of organisation and techniques. The term can also be applied for specific purposes like the construction technology, state of the art technology or the medical technology. Most of the technologies are for the human welfare but still there are some of the technologies which specifically for non peaceful purposes.

The dictionary meaning gives technology as practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area and a capability given by practical application knowledge. Technology is the application of physical effort and mental attitude to achieve certain true value. Technology applies in the pulling of a bullock cart to the operating of a space station.

Technology Resumes

For making a resume for technology jobs which also has to be identified uniquely will be the easiest compared to the preparation of all other types of resumes. Because each resume is unique in its own way. Each qualification is unique by itself as the qualification on any type of technology stands apart from others. The technology involves hard skill and the soft skill will be taking a back seat for technology job seekers. The soft skills like good human relations, good public relations will be secondary for them at least initially for aspiring for a position. So we can start with the traditional heads for preparing a resume;

  1. Name and communication details
  2. Educational qualifications
  3. Experiences and
  4. Special Points

Technology Resumes

An assignment in truly technological field, the evaluator will be looking for the qualification in the relevant field. It will have a bearing over the experience aspect. So in the first paragraph we have to provide the details of the name and other communication details and in the second paragraph we have to present the educational track records. The technology assignments we will find the presence of expert qualifications takes precedence. So a good track record of education in the relevant field will be added advantage. So we have to perfectly present the educational details starting from the secondary level to the final qualification. The technology assignments will always have an aroma of intellectual superiority, so if you have that why not express it, it will always give an added feather to your cap. But if you don’t have a top class track record of education, still you can present your resume for the equally good assignments, but you have to make up in the subsequent interview.

Now the experience part of the resume, you have to start with the latest form the beginning and progressively going down till the first assignment. Each assignment has to be quantified to the extent that how it has been benefited to the organisation with the clear details of period and the details of the organisation. A good qualification and appropriate exposure will make the most ideal situation.

Technology Resumes

Finally the special points, this aspect will be most appropriate if the position you are seeking is slightly away from your experience. You have no control over the qualification details because in technology jobs you have to be fitted into the specific qualification prescribed but you can make use of the exposure part into the new assignment. So please mention if you have any specific points which you think will be ideal for the new assignment but not exactly fit into your prospective assignment.

So if you have the appropriate qualification and experience then you need not have to sweat it out to prepare your resume a unique one, because your qualification itself is unique to the situation.