Termination in the trial period

Announce in the trial period? Unless otherwise agreed, a notice period of seven days applies.

Termination in the trial period
Termination in the trial period

The supposed dream job turns out to be already in the first week as your personal Waterloo. You think back and forth … But actually there is only one solution. You cancel during the trial period.

How long the trial period applies?

Unless otherwise agreed, a valid trial period of one month. If another trial period agreed, this must be recorded in writing. In most cases the length of the trial period in is employment recorded. But: The trial period may be in Switzerland maximum of three months.

Notice during the probationary period

Termination in the trial periodDuring the trial period, a shorter notice period applies, so that both sides can optionally act quickly. The notice therefore covers only seven days. Yet, here too: in writing, a different period of notice to be agreed.

Cancellation possible until the last day

A termination during the probationary period is possible up to the last working day of the trial period. The seven days are then drangehängt speak, even if the actual trial period is over then.

An example

If therefore your last working day of 31.01., Then you can also terminate on that date. Provided here, however, that your termination letter and your employer approaching that day. At best, you can be the reception always confirm, then you are in doubt on the safe side. Because getting your employer your notice even one day after the end of the agreed trial period, the normal ‘notice of one month.

ill during the probationary period?
Termination in the trial period
Termination in the trial period

If you do not appear to work during the probationary period due to illness, military or civilian, your trial period is prolonged by this time. In these cases, the trial period may also last longer than three months. The trial period is not extended, however due to holidays or pregnancy .







The correct termination letter

The termination is a tricky business. It is best to cancel in writing and let the receiver acknowledge. Select a businesslike tone.

The correct termination letterQuitting is an unpleasant topic: Announce a worker in writing or orally? How must thetermination letter formulate? Who is the right person to employers?

Better: written notice

Unless otherwise provided in the employment contract, a termination may well also be given verbally. Reasons of evidence but the written version is preferable. You should dub the letter as a notice. Thus all parties is immediately clear what it is about in the paper.


Finding the right person

It is important that you use the correct names of the parties and to write them correctly. Everything else suggests a bad style and disdain. Be the notifiable workers must also ensure that your letter of termination is not only written correctly, but also gets to the right people. If you like, you can in your reason for termination mention.

Pay attention to the date

Finally, it must emerge unequivocally from your termination letter, which contract ( “contract from xx200x”) in compliance with the contractualnotice period , on which date (usually end of the month) is terminated.Also you must clearly apparent from the notice when your last day of workwill be.

From when a withdrawal is to apply?

The termination letter itself should also be dated. Warning: Denunciation deployed until its effect when it actually arrived at the destination ( “receiving range
poverty”). So you must, if notice is given one month’s end, arrive at the latest on your employer on the last business day of the month.

By registered mail or have it signed

To be safe, you should send the letter early enough and enrolled for evidentiary purposes. If you pass the notice in person, you should obtain a receipt for its receipt. Should cancellation too late, they will move to the next possible date (usually the next month).

To stay objective

If you cancel, you should always remain objective towards your employer and choose a friendly tone. You could in the future be made for whatever reason, depend again on this employer. They are looking for a new job?