The 10 healthiest and unhealthiest professions

In England the Medicare Cash surveyed more than 3,000 professionals to their eating habits. The person should also provide information about their smoking and drinking habits. The result is a list of the best and worst 10 jobs for health. For example, while a chef smokes more than 50 cigarettes per week on average, consumed an adman only nine Glimmstengel week.

Since the ranking is based only on the food habits and no other variables such as stress, physical stress, or other accidents into account, the result is of course of limited value, but not uninteresting.

The 10 healthiest Jobs in regard to eating habits

1. adman
. 2 Teacher
3. Personnel Officer
4. Accountant
5. lawyer
. 6 Secretary
7. IT specialist
. 8 Scientists
. 9 Nurse
10. Seller

… And the 10 most unhealthy jobs:

1. Cooking
2. farmer
. 3 Electricians
4. Insurance employee
. 5 Construction Worker
6. Banker
7. Call Center Agent
. 8 Teamsters
9th Engineer
10th Travel Agent