The first day on the job: tips and recommendations

It’s a bit like that time on the first day: anticipation and excitement mingle. But with a bit more targeted preparation you survive the first day on the job easily.

The first day on the job: tips and recommendationsOn the first working the way for further being at the new workplace to be asked.Preparation is important.


This starts at home. Select – the best the night before – your outfit aware of. As a general rule: a bit more casual than at the job interview clothes should be and above all fit into the work environment.

For a creative professional to another occurrence is attached than a banker job. Get up early enough, so that you take a shower in peace and can wash your hair.

Freshly showered and with adelicious breakfast in the stomach, it creates good conditions for a successful start. Plan to go to work also enough time, because last known during the morning rush everything a bit longer.

win sympathy

On the first day it is all about getting to know the work, colleagues and get an insight into the future area of responsibility. Go friendly and smiling at new colleagues.

Imagine with name and try to remember the names of your employees. The first impression is crucial here because the first four seconds for the production decide on sympathy and antipathy.

Companies Meet

Not only the colleagues should try to get to know, but also the company.Each company, for example, has its own internal communication culture.Filter out, what are your most important contacts.

So you can specifically ask for questions. If you’re making notes, you’ll soon have the most relevant information to each other.

Reluctance please – or less is more

Especially on the first day, respectively during the first days in the new job, lurking many pitfalls. So you should resist, for example, remarks about colleagues or the boss and not go unprepared in meetings.

This reflects badly on you. Because bad impressions can hardly be corrected retrospectively. The same applies if you already speak in the first few days of vacation or divulge too much Private. Restraint is more appropriate here.

You should base: the checklist

  • Be sure to arrive to work
  • Appear freshly showered, shaved and combed
  • Dress nicely up and adjust the outfit the operation
  • Imagine smiling friendly but restrained colleagues before and remember their names

* Do not tell private affairs around


The small blunders of young professionals

It happens very quickly and the car is parked in the parking lot of the supervisor. On the same day set or unintentionally at the meeting at the place of the boss, and already, the first impression to be thorough in the bucket. So there are several things to consider and to keep their eyes and ears open.

Lost has often been the one who comes punctual on the first day. Should it happen anyway, enough honest – from explanation – especially short and factual. Lengthy and contrived justifications are out of place here.

ask in an interview after the dress code

The first day on the job

That no one should come in “bag and rags,” a very old version of a 70s-suit or sweatpants to work is transparent to most young professionals. On the other hand there is a danger of being “overdressed”.

In order not to commit gaffe in clothes on the first day, it is recommended in theinterview to ask about the dress code in the company. Otherwise eighth on the first day on a well-maintained and not too fancy clothes.

After a few days then you have to look for, what outfit is appropriate and desired by the company. Depending on the industry and position, there may be more stringent or more casual settings.

use the first few days as an orientation phase

On the first day, or in the stage of incorporation, it is expedient initially assume the role of observer.Too brash demeanor rarely good. Even if you’re full of optimism and energy, you should first of all to hold back. Arrange yourself in the work environment.

Thus not you run the risk of new colleagues than motivated, if not annoying newbie to appear.

To ask questions helps to orient themselves and get input. It is recommended, however, to collect them first and ask only when a suitable opportunity, for example, after meetings, a personalconversation or in the break while chatting with a sympathetic colleague.

Often it is better once to ask a colleague, but to go for every little thing directly to the executive.

The personal integration in the company – a key factor

In addition to the insight into the internal work processes is the “personal integration” an important key factor for a successful first day. That means for you: Communicate !

Catching and talk extensively with colleagues, talk about professional and private subjects, without, however, immediately lie down a soul striptease.

Communication speeds up the integration process. As a newcomer in the company’s own behavior should not be courteous too confidential.

The cost

The establishment of a broad network and good contacts is very important. Not only in the job search, but also in the job itself. In many companies, it is common that “newbies” enter a purchase.

But before it goes to keep this, you should first know the unwritten rules of the sub Nehmes. How long should your purchase, you erfragst best among colleagues. With a sausage parade you incompletely vegetarian not just score and alcohol you better forego a cost-eating department.

Likewise, it is advisable to clarify beforehand whether the acquisition can take place during working hours.

Conclusion: Patience & communication lead to Rome

In the first few days, it is appropriate to take the role of observer and to practice patience. A wait-and curiosity here is the better attitude, wanting too much than too fast.

Have you asked the dress code in advance, selecting your clothes fall on the first working easier. A key role for a successful first day on the job also plays communicating with new colleagues.

Through the exchange with our new colleagues to integrate into the team falls considerably lighter and typical practices of the company can be discovered easily. So a successful collaboration is nothing in the way.