Become a teacher or go to the bank! No way. This fatherly advice for career no longer apply long. A list of the three most promising industries.

Information and communication

The IT and communications industry is and will remain recession-proof.Every year, missing the Swiss companies in this environment several workers. This has the consequence that a company of the other makes its software developers, business data processing or system administrators with better wage prospects or bonus promise dispute. IT professionals have also particularly secure jobs because of the ever-growing demands decrease the chances of newcomers to their expertise. Jobs in computer science


A third area of work, which is fit for the future, is the engineering.Particularly in demand in this country are currently experts from the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Great potential but also the power engineering, which deals with about fuel cells, or microsystems technology that develops among other surgical technologies.

Health and elderly care

Our society is getting older and older. Simultaneously, the demand for ever better and more comprehensive health care increases. Therefore doctors and hospitals and geriatric nurses have excellent career prospects.Likewise, it looks at workers in the pharmaceutical industry. For Mr. and Mrs. Swiss buy each year more and more pills, creams, etc. Another job with a future in the industry is that of Medical economists. This professional direction aims to make operational processes in the hospital more efficient and therefore cheaper. As hospitals are often affected by austerity measures, medical economists are today and in future demand as people.