The 12 most important time management tips can be found here summarized in brief in this article.

Time Management TipsIs time management a foreign word for you? The study was just chaos and the job an adventure? In this article I present practical time management tips for everyday life, for the office and for study / learning. At the end of the article you’ll find a time management PDF with a checklist as a download. And clearly, I take this 12 time management tips and completely private.

So we start: More clarity, efficiency and satisfaction bring this important time management tips…

Time Management Tip 1:

1. Set clear priorities and I set your own goals

Have Effectiveness = The right targets. Become aware of what goals you have for job, studies and private life – what demands you place on yourself? What do you want in life / in Job / achieve in their studies? What do you want to learn? Clarify your goals, then you can more easily priorities set for your day! Often it is sufficient a small list of 10 wishes. Tip: Versieh these goals simultaneously with concrete steps and tasksand with a date so that they are easier to implement. This is the first step for your perfect time management!

Even in the time management there of way!

Time Management Tip 2:

2. Determine THE success criteria for your job / studies

Effectiveness = doing things that really serve your goals. There are always things that you bring to your destination more quickly than others. Not the one who learns the longest, but working at the smartest or succeeds.

So what are the things that bring you the most advanced? What are the critical success factors? Note these and hang them on visible. How did your operation needs to be amended accordingly? What things you need to do differently, what to omit? Concentrate your energy and scheduling these important activities that you promote a bigger step and optimize your self-management!

Tip No. 3 for better time management.:

3. Complete synergies

(In German: Schlage two birds with one stone.)

People = wishes. Confirmed Science: We plan too optimistic. Often the desire father is our plans – not a realistic assessment! Selektiere, ask: “What is really important to me?”. Not everything you need to hire back: Many tasks can be associated with pleasant things. Looking for solutions to get out of “either-or” to “both-and” decisions! Try to beat with an activity two birds with one stone. This is achieved by keeping your tasks, assignments or learning subjects as possible are famous for synchronizing clever sequential .

Planned economy? Yes, but only on the desk!

4. The biggest time management mistake is to do things that would not be done! (Scheduling)

The rule of thumb and my experience is:  with already 1 0 minutes planning you will save about 1 hour a day! With a little structure and task Tetris you plan your To-Dos and time swift and save a lot, a lot of time. It also applies here: He who asks, leads (a better life): When is the best time for what operation? What must first be done before anything else can be touched? How can combine things? Which mails / phone calls / tasks you can combine?

Time Management Tip 5:

5. appetizers Tactics: How to eat an elephant *?

Do not be afraid of big chunks – decompose it into small sections and plan the milestones carefully. So are you getting on step by step. Intermediate steps are easier to control with checklists. One calls this time management technique also “salami tactics ” because a salami could we would not swallow at once, but let us taste slice by slice on the bread. More useful motivational tips are in the Golden Rules.

Many know the appetizers technology from various productivity blogs, where it is described as “Timeboxing” or modified as “Pomodoro Technique”. It applies: Same, same, but different. Basically, the core is this time management tips is not to adjust the time of a task – but the object of a particular time. How much time we give a task in turn is related to their priority together (see time management tip no. 1).

* Yes, how does one eat an elephant? That you had to know now “. Happen to Happen” (This is a very nice proverb, or Sorry, vegetarians: “What one eats a Tofo skewer?” Just does not sound so great …)

Who does not want more time? Tip 6:

6. Do the important things first

The early bird gets the most important job on the desk!  (And only!) It is perhaps the most important self-management Schweinhund- (education) trick: Put the most important, thinking intense, trickiest task the night before on your (clutter and now distraction) Desk , Lasse from the computer. Then in the morning, that’s your “pole position”.

You start by fully equal, if you free nor the head and the body full of energy have (yes, the computer is then made still!). Nice side effect: Your brain is the same morning fed the main task and works subconsciously even with interruptions and breaks in this important task on. So also you reduce the risk of getting bogged down yourself. A practical all-round time management + Motivation + concentration advice. Is working! Betting?

Time Management Tips: These 12 methods everyone should know!

Do not be a frog! Venture from the morning to the most difficult task of the day. Thus you prevent procrastination and bad feelings!

Time-Saving Tip No. 7:. Often it is more important, his capability to manage his time!

7. Note your biorhythms (power curve)

An exception / addition to rule 6 is your personal performance curve (biorhythm) .Some may work early top form, turn the evening but from. Others come only late in the course. Find out when your “highs” are. Make sure you can work in these times undisturbed on your important tasks!

Put routines and less important tasks in performance lows: check email, go shopping and clean apartment you can even during breaks! So breaks are equally productive as natural – as you move, upset here on by brain activity and muscle while your eyes have a screen break. How relaxing !

Time Management Tip 8:

8. Fasse similar tasks together

Tasks bundle = efficiency. Collect similar tasks on a to-do list in order to process them efficiently. In job are the example phone calls, emails or shelves that can do well in the block. In studies, it is useful to combine time-consuming searches, purchases and lectures.

Time-saving tip no. 9:

9. Simplify.

Simplify! Do you sometimes think a bit too complicated? If too much stuff in your shack, which distracts you? Have you done things that bring you your real goals not centimeters closer? Then a “mental spring cleaning” due! Meet perfect time management, by asking these questions again and again: “What is important? What is urgent? What’s neither, “(? Eisenhower principle ) or:” What 20 percent of tasks provide 80 percent of my success “(? Pareto Principle ).

Time Management Tips 10:

10. Question others for advice

Experts ask. If you hang on a problem, do not know how something works, or right down are, ask others for advice. It need not necessarily be experts – even friends, partners or parents see your situation objectively or have more experience / knowledge. Do not be afraid, most people like to help. Certainly you can easily also reciprocate once. And now there are 1,000 online courses, blogs, forums – with 100 answers to your questions.

Perfect time management in 50 lessons. Click here for more tips and techniques.

Distinguish thinking time and breaks – My Time Management Tip Numero 11:

11. Share your day in work units / sessions a

Work = work. Pause = Pause. You must not open 24 hours a day or to be online. For most tasks, it is important that you (depending on this in one piece for about 60-120 minutes attention span ) abarbeitest to not be brought out of the concept.Umbrellas stand out in these phases of work and call people back in the breaks.

Time Management Tips 12:

12 of values. Get better. And go celebrate!

Self own feedback and gather new energy. “After the housework is before the next homework.” It is therefore important that you take after the whole process 1-2 hours to be recorded in writing, what went well and what you in do better next time could.Secondly, it is now high time, your commitment to properly reward and the recovered Leisure live out right! For optimum self-management and time management always includes work-life balance / Study-life balance. Have lots of fun with it!

Time Management

Time management rule of thumb: 10 minutes planning saves 1 hour in the execution. However, even after the evaluation is important for a perfect time management.