Coping with job loss and the stress of searching for a new job can lead to negative feelings that can hinder your success. In order to maintain a positive outlook during difficult and unfamiliar times, below are some helpful tips…

Tips For Dealing With Unemployment and Job Search Stress

1. Turn to people you trust – Be proactive. Let people know that you have lost your job and that you are looking for work. Talking about your situation can relieve some of the pressure and positive words from others can really boost your feelings when you are feeling low. Ask for the support that you need. You never know what opportunities lie around the corner.

2. Accept reality – There is no point dwelling on the fact that you have lost your job or how unfair the situation is. The sooner you accept your situation, the sooner you can move forward and take positive steps towards your new future.

Tips For Dealing With Unemployment and Job Search Stress

3. Look after yourself – The best way to stay focused and positive during your job search is to get plenty of rest, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy life balance. Do not let your job search consume your life. Your job search will be more effective if you are mentally, emotionally, and physically at your best.

Job Search Tip: How to Explain Your Unemployment

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