To get more reward from your boss

The next salary negotiation approaches. The starting point for this is good because the Swiss economy is doing better. To ensure that your salary negotiation is a success, you should organize your.

Most salary negotiations fail the boss, not the company, not to the circumstances – but because it employees often lack the right preparation and the proper amount of courage.

Fear of a “no”?

Superior Accordingly, it is workers often twice whether they lead a content conversation with her boss or eventually let it remain. Finally, the boss could indeed “No,” say the salary proposal. This would be particularly painful and could be seen as a personal defeat. It is this fear causes workers often ill-prepared to participate in salary negotiations. It is often on the right strategy.

5 key tips for more content:


1. Choose the right time

Choose the right timeMany workers discuss the subject content like only in the context of the year-end conversation. “If all touch on the same subject, falls from the least for you. Run content calls therefore usually advance, “says Urs Affolter, motivation coach from Zurich.

2. Empathy is asked

Empathy is askedInstead of simply banal to demand more money, it is appropriate to understand the other side. So you should make your boss it clear that you are also prepared by the additional wage increase to take more responsibility.

3. Good preparation

Good preparationPrepare intensively for the content this week before: “Do not let it be that the boss at the salary negotiation better arguments than you,” says Affolter. Phrases like “I was successful in the last year”, as well as help not.You will need to have much more concrete. Call the chief tangible examples from your work and make it clear that you contribute a significant contribution to the success of the company.

4. The word “salary” is taboo

The word "salary" is tabooAvoid if possible, to take the word content in the mouth if you want to talk to your supervisor about salary. In this case, the boss in most cases immediately shrill alarm bells: “Often he gets into a purely defensive posture,” says Affolter. They therefore say better that you want to talk about your performance and the associated benefits. On this point, your boss sees his own advantage.

5. have prepared a Plan B

have prepared a Plan BAn immediate increase in the cash component of about 5 percent to enforce, can be quite difficult in some cases.In most companies, the pain threshold is 10 percent. If your salary demands can not prevail, bring alternative solutions. You could, for example, suggest an improvement in the company pension scheme.