After a lifetime spent in an active workforce, sometimes moving straight into retirement is overwhelming. Here are the top ten jobs to transition out of the workforce and into a life devoted to the things that really make you happy.

A registrar for a hospital or clinic

A registrar verifies patient information and registers them for a visit with the doctor. The setting is always professional and face-to-face interaction is very common. The different environments that one can work in range from an emergency room to pre-surgery.


A career in politics can be great for the elderly because people want a leader with experience and knowledge of how the political system works. There are many levels of politics all the way from working on the school board up to a national level. This job will allow you to continue to help shape your community.

Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens

Working at an animal shelter

The caring needed to help animals that have been abandoned and abused is one that comes with age. Animals can bring joy and love to their providers as well. Owning and caring for a pet has also shown to increase life expectancy.


Whether it is in a school or a local library, aiding people with looking for knowledge or just a good story can be very exciting. With a knowledge of books that has been attained over years of experience, the older worker will be able to provide insight and suggestions for visitors to the library.

Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens

Clerical work in a religious setting

Many religious organizations provide opportunities to do clerical work for them. This could include archiving records, welcoming visitors, and doing service at church sponsored locations.

Selling of items oriented toward older people

When an elderly person is looking to buy something they are more likely to trust the source if it is from someone with which they can relate. Having knowledge of the need for such items will give an edge over those who are selling it without understanding the need for it.

Social worker

A social worker steps in and helps families that are in need. Many times this involves children needing someone who they can trust and receive compassion. Many children see older people as a trustworthy person.

Top 10 Jobs for Senior Citizens


Most receptionists answer the phone for their employer. They also keep track of their employers schedule and keep everything organized. This is ideal for older people because there is not physical strain and it involves a lot of face-to-face interaction. Many doctors’ offices employ the elderly and senior citizens as their receptionists.

Working for an Elementary school

This could mean being a crossing guard, a playground attendant, or cafeteria work. These jobs allow people to help children while they attended school. Parents will feel comforted knowing that there are mature, responsible people watching after their children.

Real estate worker

This job involves helping people find a home they can afford and that they like. Knowledge of how the market in your area fluctuates is helpful in finding a home for clients.