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good trainee program

Trainee program is not the same trainee program. The content, the process and the requirements of the trainee programs of different companies can differ greatly from one another.
We explains what to look for, so you as a trainee is not merely a better intern, but completed a demanding and valuable training for specialists and managers of tomorrow instead.

Since the term “trainee program” is not protected, to trainee programs differ from company to company sometimes very strong. The differences lie not only in the payment of the trainees and the duration of the program, but also – and especially – in the curricula and in the flow.

Many programs are designed for professionals and executives to build the trainee of today tomorrow. On the other hand, there are also a trainee program in which the trainee is simply a better intern or a “normal employee” with little content. Before you opt for a trainee program, you should therefore inform well.

The following points you should definitely clarify before taking a trainee program:

  • How mobile and flexible am I?
    Some trainee programs stay are involved in several branches of the company in Germany or even in a foreign location. Who is deeply rooted in his home and / or there has important commitments for such a program is not more appropriate.
  • How strong am I?
    Because the expectations of trainees are high, they are under constant observation, analyzed and assessed. In large companies, this is particularly pronounced. Here one should own resilience so good estimate and weigh.
  • I would like to take How much responsibility?
    Although constantly supervised, trainees often work from the outset own responsibility and assume, for example, their own projects. An “I look rather first to” there is usually not provided.However Mache programs also provide an intensive introduction phase.
  • In what capacity I would like to work?
    Some trainee programs include several stops at different areas of the company. Those who have decided for themselves that only one sector or department comes as the future workplace in question, for such a program is not appropriate.
  • What demands and goals I have?
    Trainee and operation must match. Therefore you should inform themselves about corporate culture, work-life balance, career opportunities, etc. and compare them with their own preferences and career planning.
  • What a quality to have the trainee program?
    “Career promoting fair and trainee programs” incidentally bear the ” trainee award “. These trainee positions lay the foundation for a successful career.

When do you deal these points before you make any surprises. Question best also former or current trainees from the company about their experiences. Find out also what the differences of the trainee program for direct entry exist.

Trainee regions

Trainee regions

Since many graduates decide to pursue her graduate program in a big city, the competition in the metropolitan areas is very large. Accordingly high are the demands of the corporations to the graduates. But even without Einser’s degree it is possible to take a trainee program. Our Tips.

More and more companies in Germany offer for graduates trainee programs as a way of career entry. Was it a few years ago mainly large companies and multinational corporations, who trained their young graduates in trainee programs for specialists and managers of tomorrow, do so in recent years, more and more SMEs. Due to the increasing spread attending a is trainee program now in Germany possible.

Trainee programs most popular in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich

Due to the global capabilities, the reputation and the greater earning potential and opportunities the trainee programs at international corporations are young professionals especially popular.

Another reason for the high number of applicants for large companies but is also the fact that these are very often located in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne and train their trainees focus there. Living and working in a big city is more tempting than the receiving of a trainee program in rural areas for many graduates.

High numbers of applicants for trainee programs international corporations

The big corporations can get their trainees search for quasi because of the high number of applicants and have even in arduous conditions often enough suitable candidates for the limited places. So if you can not come up with a unique visitor’s degree and extensive experience abroad, but still want to take a trainee position in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne, should focus more on medium-sized companies in its applications.


Trainee Programme by fields

> Marketing Trainee-Jobs

> Logistics trainee Jobs

> IT Trainee-Jobs

> SAP Trainee-Jobs

> Corporate Communications trainee Jobs

> Naturalist trainee Jobs

> Bank Trainee-Jobs

> Product Management Trainee Jobs

> Personal development trainee Jobs

> Sales Trainee Jobs

> Trainee Controlling Jobs

> Industrial engineering trainee jobs


Checklist for a good trainee program

Checklist for a good trainee program

Freshly baked graduates are increasingly faced with the job search with vacancies that promote their careers through a trainee program. What is behind it, but is defined solely by the recruiting companies. Uniform standards that should satisfy a trainee program, there is not. The Job Market  a remedy – a checklist for a high-quality graduate program.

Checklist trainee programs

  • A demanding selection process is considered indicative of a sound trainee program. The most popular method for candidate selection is the assessment center. The potential trainees must demonstrate both their professional and personal skills through various tasks. Major components of competitions are also the letter of motivation and group or individual interviews.
  • Rewarded as a trainee in advance of the program’s short and medium-term development and career opportunities within the company demonstrated the employer symbolizes its interest in a long-term cooperation.
  • Generally is a trainee program to the participants specific to the acquisition prepare an ambitious target position within the company. Therefore, it is advisable to check the candidate, the previous rate of adoption.
  • In order not to restrict the development of individual trainees who later will target position not yet fixed at the beginning of the program. Thus arises mostly out during the course of the trainee program, where the specific strengths of the trainees are and area in which they can bring this best.
  • In order for the participants to get a holistic view of the company and its functional areas, the duration of the trainee program should  at least 12 months amounted but take no longer than 24 months. The training course should be designed well structured and transparent.
  • Profound trainee programs are often based on the principle of, job rotation up ‘. That is, the trainees undergo in the course of their training different divisions and locations. Thus, they receive a comprehensive insight into the structure and the daily operations of the company.Ideally, the stakes in the different stations are planned based on individual strengths and interests of the trainees.
  • As part of the trainee program, participants take on responsible tasks and implement their ownprojects .
    Continuously held workshops and trainings serve the professional and personal development of trainees. The so-called training off the job ‘complements the practical work in the company and is often carried out by internal and external experts. Some companies even have their own academies for the training of their employees.
  • Over the entire duration of the trainee program the participant has a mentor at your side who shares his expert knowledge and support the trainee in problem solving processes. In addition, the Mentor gives regular feedback to promote the personal development of trainees. The position of such mentors is often staffed by experienced professionals and executives.
  • Thus the trainee a professional network can establish regular meetings with other (prospective) professionals and managers of the company will be held.
  • The trainee salary should not significantly lower than that of direct entrants equal qualifications.
  • If the trainee program successfully completed, the participant assumes in its target position its own area of responsibility . The compensation should then be significantly higher than the trainee salary.

This checklist helps in the growing range of trainee programs to keep track of and, black sheep ‘to recognize more quickly. The fewer items on the list are satisfied, the more critical you should eachjob look.

Employers who receive this award, guarantee a “career-enhancing and fair” training your trainees.

Trainee program must match the candidate

However it should be borne in mind that even the best graduate program can not all criteria fully comply and must. Small and medium businesses often do not have sufficient financial and human resources to keep up with the programs of large corporations. Nevertheless, the trainee programs do not have to be bad. What matters is ultimately the whole package.

This must be weighed accurately by the candidate. These should be communicated to the respective offer in relation to his professional and personal skills and professional goals. If in this respect results in a large intersection and then right gut feeling, the successful career started as a trainee is nothing in the way.

In the trainee database of trainee Geflü You can put yourself in detail about the different trainee programs in Germany and consider which program fits you.


Trainee programs by disciplines

Trainee programs by disciplines

In addition to general trainee programs, there are also entry programs with predefined fields, the specialist trainee programs. While in a general trainee program the whole company gets to know and in a “job rotation” all important areas by running, be executed only relevant for a department of the company departments in specialist trainee program.

The junior staff to be involved in a particular business sector and made intensely familiar with its area of responsibility. In this way, they are prepared to later assume a responsible position as a specialist or manager in this area.

Mixture of trainee program and direct entry

The specialized training in a subject area is sort of a mixture of a general trainee program and direct entry. Unlike the direct entry and networking events, soft-skills seminars and mentorship incorporation provides the specialist trainee program generally.

These sites are particularly suitable for graduates who have placed the focus on a specific field of study to study and know exactly after completing their studies, in which area they want to work later.

Presented most companies for its trainee positions for a long time mainly graduates in economics courses a, many jobs depend now also to engineers, computer scientists, scientists, lawyers and even the humanities . In particular, large companies often offer graduates many entry programs with different training priorities. As before, however, is dominated by programs with economic disciplines.

Example: Specialisation HR

A staff-trainee learns in the course of his training, the entire HR work from scratch know on. These include the areas of recruiting, academic and personnel marketing, personnel development, personnel clerical and labor . The aim of the training in a specific field of study is to build a hand broad expertise and also to acquire a deep understanding of the fundamental relationships of the various departments in each discipline as well as the adjacent areas.

List by subject areas: information and vacancies

  • Bank Traineeprogramm
  • Traineeprogramm biology
  • Chemie Traineeprogramm
  • Controlling Traineeprogramm
  • Event Management Trainee Program
  • Finance Traineeprogramm
  • Handel Traineeprogramm
  • Engineer Trainee Program
  • IT Traineeprogramm
  • Jura/Jurist Traineeprogramm
  • Logistics Trainee Program
  • Marketing Traineeprogramm
  • Market Research Trainee Program
  • Science Trainee Program
  • Online Marketing Traineeprogramm
  • Personnel Development Trainee Program
  • Personal Marketing Trainee Program
  • PR Traineeprogramm
  • Product Management Trainee Program
  • SAP Traineeprogramm
  • SEO Traineeprogramm
  • Supply Chain Management Traineeprogramm
  • Engineering Trainee Program
  • Insurance Trainee Program
  • Sales Trainee Program
  • Industrial Engineering Trainee Program

Trainee Program: specialist training for graduates

Trainee Program: specialist training for graduates


A trainee program may differ significantly from company to company partly. Not only in content but also in structure, sequence and duration. The reason is that “trainee program” not a protected term. Each company may offer a trainee position, regardless of how the program is configured behind. Thus, there is no generally accepted definition of trainee programs. So it is no wonder that not only many companies but also many applicants imagine something different underneath. brings light into darkness. We show you what is the basic idea of a trainee program and how to recognize whether it is a fair and career-promoting entry program.

For graduates are professionals and managers

Trainee programs are usually university graduates. The aim of the company is to provide thetrainee to build a multipurpose junior employee who occupies a responsible professional or managerial position within the company after training. The exact target position is at the beginning of a trainee program often not yet been determined, but is emerging in the course of time.

These passes a trainee during the usually twelve to 24-month trainee program for each few weeks and months several departments – partly abroad – to the company as a whole and to know in its organizational structure. In this way, the trainee should learn to think across departments and to act so that it is within the company not only sees his own department in his later career, but the Affect Other divisions in his thoughts and his actions involving.

In addition to the general training program there are also increasingly specialized trainee programs. Here the trainee can not know all the areas of the company, but only passes the appropriate to its area of expertise departments. He then becomes an expert in the field, but also looks the bigger its range.

How to recognize a quality training program

In addition to the job rotation through various divisions distinguished a quality nor by

Trainee Program: specialist training for graduates
Trainee Program: specialist training for graduates

some other features. Since time as a leader not only expertise but also social skills must have, take trainees during their training regularly in workshops and training sessions. This so-called. Training-off-the-job aims the soft skills to improve the trainees.

Trainees usually experienced a special care. In addition to the incorporation by the professional supervisors, the trainees are often additionally supported by a HR employee and also even get your mentors asked, who will give them not only in technical matters with advice and assistance to side.

Another typical element of trainee programs are networking events. These serve to ensure that the trainee other trainees and managers and professionals of the company personally acquainted, so that the decision makers of the company to cooperate better and more intensively across all departments in the future.

Payment in trainee program is considered fair if the starting salary of an entry-level model direct equivalent qualifications not significantly below the trainee salary is (max. 15 percent difference). If you are not a career changers is that should trainee salary no lower than 2500 euros per month also.

The remuneration of trainees is indeed often slightly lower than the wages of direct entry, but the high level of investment in human capital compensate again.

Furthermore, the medium and long-term salary prospects are usually very good, because you have the career ladder as a graduate of the program excellent career and development opportunities. This then is also reflected in the content again.

One indication of the quality of the training program is the retention rate (or further employment rate) of the trainees after the program.

Although many trainees initially only a contract received for the duration of the training program, the company (training, travel expenses, soft skills seminars, networking events, mentoring program, etc.) are in fact due to the high investment in training highly interested in a takeover, if the trainee meets the expectations of your employer.

“Trainee Award” featuring top trainee programs

But not all trainee programs may have with the mentioned quality characteristics. There are even deals that have become a better upon closer inspection Internship prove. This is not the rule, but shows the range that there is in the market of trainee programs.

As a guide for applicants, the job market has therefore launched together with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich in 2011, the “trainee award” to life. These get companies that offer proven “quality and fair trainee programs”. Here is the list of winning companies .

A trainee program that does not take this honor, but nothing must be necessarily bad. As an applicant you always have to face his own skills and competences the job offer from the employer.Especially for newcomers, Uni dropouts or graduates without practical experience can be a good career start, a less high-quality training program.

Job Seeker rise with the quality of the trainee program

The higher the quality, the trainee period, the higher the requirements for applicants. To get hold of a trainee position at a major international group, you must have skills already an excellent resume (including excellent master’s degree, international experience, practical experience, foreign languages) and pronounced soft.

For medium-sized companies but also graduates without a straight-A final chance to take the career as a trainee.

Until a few years, trainee programs aimed primarily at graduates in economics courses. Meanwhile, however, the companies are also increasingly at engineers , computer scientists , lawyersinterested and partly also to the humanities.

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