Before we embark on this subject we have to just visualise the fact that training and teaching are two distinct things. Training is a process by which we inculcate practical aspects to the participants who are already involved in a project and the participants are already having the basic knowledge of it. On the other hand teaching is just opposite to it i.e. imparting the basic knowledge of the subject to a group of people who are not aware of it. So the resume for training jobs and teaching jobs are also different. We are here interested in the training jobs.

For good training jobs one has to be experienced in direct dealings and proven competency with trainees of different kinds to help them to overcome barriers to their engagement with positive learning and employment opportunities. An advantage of a trainer is that the trainer can be in any walk of life. A job as a trainer is in house hold affairs, in athletics field, engineering field, and health sector or in any field you can imagine and even there is training for trainers too.

Training Job Resumes

For the job of a trainer one has to have the basic qualification in his chosen field and a specialisation as a trainer. The specialisation in training is either acquired through practical experience or an institutional degree or diploma as a trainer in the relevant field. For example, you might have taken a basic degree in physical education but as a coach in the athletic field you must have a specialised training in athletics that involves how you can mould a promising athlete in a particular field of events.

Let us examine what are the typical heads of a resume, and they are;

  1. Name and contact details.
  2. Educational details
  3. Experience details
  4. Any special mention

Yes, this is going to be a typical example of a common resume, which will be viewed by some one and some relevance may be given or may not be. For a good trainer the arena is a vast ground for him/her and he/she has to be singled out in that vast field, and how it is going to happen? The answer is by making sure the resume really unique. Any holder of a basic degree in any field can aspire to become a trainer. Now with this in our mind we have to examine the traditional resume to mould little to make it a fine and unique resume.

Training Job Resumes

The first paragraph of name and details has to be there without any change, but to make it little more convenient, make sure that the name and contact details to be given in each page of the resume, to make it as easy accessibility for the employer or the HRD person of the employer.

The next paragraph instead of inserting the educational qualifications, we have to keep a statement which is going to be the most eye catching statement, so that the evaluator may be arrested in their thought process so that the resume is kept separately for further evaluation. This is the first and most important aspect of evaluation.

Let us examine few of such OBJECTIVES;


These are some of the examples and we have to make according to our exposure. But we have to make sure that the objective should be exactly as per the aspirations of the assignments and also your qualifications. We have to really think objectively for each presentation of the resume, after all a dream assignment will not land up on your lap, just like that.

Training Job Resumes

Now we will see the educational qualifications head. No doubt an excellent track record of education will pave the way for a better career in training. So if you have a good track record of qualifications, just flaunt it, the prospective employer will appreciate it and you will be proud of it. Even you feel that the track record is not that attractive, still you have to explain all the educational degree and diplomas and has to be mentioned in a chronological way.

The next aspect is the experience part. It is better to present this as the last assignment as the first one and progressively going down till the first assignment. Each assignment has to be with all the self contained details of the period and details of the organisation. This also can be quantitative. Normally when talk about quantitative we mention about the financial benefit the organisation has achieved due to your contribution in the allotted assignment. But for a trainer his/her quantitative appraisal of the assignment is how many trainees have successfully completed the task and how many of them are occupying different positions of excellence. A trainer can always proud of this.

Finally if you have any thing to mention with special interest you may do it as the last paragraph, preferable in commensurate with the assignment. One more as a final point, in the case of trainer position, a good reference is always have a positive impact.

So why you should wait, go ahead and prepare a master piece of a resume for a wonderful arena for a trainer.