The addition of further training measures and attending seminars can a CV not only round: case example, this commitment underpin the fitness of candidates further and also serve as a suitable tool to be over other candidates stand out positively.

In particular, further training measures were completed on their own initiative, candidates are not allowed to last at the interview as an argument for their person and as a motivation of proof to the personnel responsible for themselves.

Furthermore, training can also be used to time gaps in your CV to include possible plausible or minimize.

Basically completed further training measures can HR managers indicate some interesting features:

  1. The person has optionally extended or in depth knowledge and additional capabilities
  2. The person shows a willingness to learn and to progress
  3. The person brings a corresponding professional motivation and initiative with
  4. The person has actual knowledge
  5. The person is willing to look beyond the “bigger picture” addition.

What training and seminars should I specify in the resume?

Training and seminars in resume CV

First, it makes sense, all completed to take account of professional qualification training and seminars in resume.

The meaning of the adjective “professional qualification” has here been insistently on the relevance of the course program for: Through this qualification you will be able to exert the desired profession.

Retraining are hereby incorporated.

In addition to the professional qualification training all those training should be supplemented in the CV, which are for the desired point of relevance.

This could for example be appropriate seminars, workshops or special classes. However, if you have extended your language skills and thereby obtain a recognized certificate, so you can “this knowledge with an appropriate reference to the respective certificate in the category languages lead ‘on your resume.

As a rough rule of thumb could therefore apply: Enter all relevant for the intended place and time not too far past in the past, training on your resume.

However, be careful that you do not blow up this section with little meaningful or irrelevant training.

What training I should not enter in the CV?

The curriculum is designed to enable HR managers, with a few glances to determine whether you have the relevant for the intended site qualifications and skills.

If you have now, for example, successfully made a sailing license, so you will probably not bring this qualification in employment in industrial business – unless you apply, for example, at a shipyard and want to draw attention to your passion for ships. Thus, this training does not say anything about their suitability in relation to the activities of an industrial clerk.

Also it’s best to refrain to lead training and seminars on your resume that are already many years ago and virtually “out of date” are. Such training bloat the resume often unnecessarily on without it can gain an impression of your present knowledge and the timeliness of your knowledge.

Furthermore, you should study both the job announcement and the company’s philosophy exactly. If required, for example, advanced or very good knowledge of the job announcement in relation to a particular request, so it makes little sense, if appropriate, the information obtained by a periodic training to perform basic or basic skills in your resume.

Even if your involvement is certainly worthy of all honor, in this case, so try by specifying the appropriate course program but to demonstrate a level of knowledge, which in any case is not sufficient for the job.

You should also check if the contents taught some form of training are not contrary to the requirements of the job and the company’s philosophy. Examples may include certain management styles or even special methods in relation to the operation.

How can I represent training in resume?

For the presentation of completed training in resume initially offers a specially-scheduled portion.

How can I represent training in resume
How can I represent training in resume

Specific examples thereof can be within our CV form found. When heading for this section, the following proposals could be used:

  • further education
  • Education and training
  • continuing Professional Education
  • Further training
  • professional training
  • Courses & Seminars

Within this section, attended seminars / courses and completed further training measures are now listed in a familiar tabular format. Each entry should include the following information:

  • Time and duration of the action
  • Title / Content of the measure
  • Implementing organization and location
  • optionally content, priorities and nature of the action
  • optionally reached completion


12/2009 PowerPoint: business graphics for advanced
Weekend Intensive, training Institut GmbH, 12345 City
– Creating professional diagrams and SmartArts
– methods for efficient use of PowerPoint
09/2009 – 11/2009 Project Management for Project
40 hours continuing education Institut GmbH, 12345 City
– Methods for project management and organization
– Successful multi-project management
10/2008 Elektrotechnisch instructed person
3 days (25.5 hours), training Institut GmbH, 12345 City
– Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
– Safety & accident prevention
– use of instruments, tools and equipment
– Completion / Certificate: Elektrotechnisch instructed person

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