The body language tells you whether you are nervous or arrogant if you prevaricate or even possibly lie. First part: the handshake.

We usually take even our body language not true. It is therefore all the more important to understand what emanates signal effect of certain gestures and facial expressions. Even while shaking hands can be felt if you are open and confident or more reserved and closed.

The optimal handshake

Treacherous Body Language - the handshake

Such is the optimal handshake.

A firm handshake is a healthy self-confidence. NOTE: This does not apply, the stronger, more confident. Now it comes to it, as you put your hand in that of the opponent. Touch to both inner surfaces, this is: ‘I am open and give them all the information’. Itself forms a cavity means, ‘I do not say everything and hold back information’.

What is the role of thumb?

Treacherous Body Language - the handshake

So not: The thumb presses the hand down directly.

It is hard to believe, but even the thumb can make an impression.However, no good. And just when you push down directly with your thumb while shaking hands the hand of the opponent.

The bicycle kick when shaking hands

Know the particularly nasty sort of hands shakers – the overhead kick? This no one gets quasi or to take only the front third of the hand. This comes not good, because this species of hands shakers written as uncertainty and indifference.

Treacherous Body Language - the handshakeWearing the welcoming to a ring, press to in no way be determined! This can namely really hurt and at worst leave your interlocutor a bruise.