At some point in the future, we may build our own directory and review base of University Careers Services. However, for the time being, this link to AGCAS (the professional association for HE careers services) will probably suffice. With the current pressure on finding a job when you graduate, you should make regular contact with your University Careers Service. Interestingly enough, the way the resources and services work at each one appears to vary quite a lot. You should always contact your own Uni for support first but you don’t necessarily always have to be a student at a particular Uni to avail yourself of some of their services. We’ve found that this can be particularly useful once you’ve left your own Uni, perhaps had to head back to your home town and don’t yet have a job.

University Careers Services

Most University Careers Services offer CV writing help, job board directories, schedules of their graduate recruitment events and other useful links. They also usually have very good twitter feeds so sign up to those for a quick and easy way to get graduate career opportunities and employer visit updates via your mobile, tablet or laptop.

If you are currently choosing where to study as an undergraduate or postgrad, it might be a good idea to include a review of the careers service as part of your decision making criteria.