So you think that the most lucrative careers are found in big fancy office buildings? You may be surprised to find out that these unusual jobs can pull a 5 or 6 figure salary.

  1. Submarine Cook – get paid extremely well for serving comfort food to the Navy. A senior submarine cook will earn $200K, just as much as a Junior Admiral.
  2. Ethical Hacker – track glitches in computer systems and ward off malicious hackers. These specialists earn well over $170K.
  3. Prosthetist – fit, design, measure, and fabricate facial parts and limbs. A talented Prosthetist will earn around $75K.
  4. Master Sommelier – wine experts who decide on wine lists and assist elite clients. A good Sommelier will earn close to $160K in a top hotel/restaurant.

Something to consider if you are looking for a more stable financial future.