To create a professional and appropriately structured resume, you should choose a resume format that best suits the position you are applying for. There are essentially two types of formats, chronological and skills.

Both resume formats are considered correct, but the chronological format is most common. The chronological format lists your education and experience in reverse order chronologically, starting with the most recent education and experience.

Using this resume format is also a great way to start your draft. When you are searching out samples of resumes, this is usually the format that is shown. There are sometimes variations of the format.

When To Use Different Resume Formats

You will often run across terms like “functional,” or “creative” to describe variations on the chronological resume format. Headings using these types of words are just highlighting your background and qualifications.

The other resume format is called a skills format. This type of resume combines all of the skills that you have or have acquired from your various experiences.

These various locations where skills and knowledge were attained could be paid or volunteer work, student activities, projects, etc. What you would do with this format is group the skills by category. Make sure that they are job-related skills for your desired position.

When To Use Different Resume Formats

When a traditional resume (usually chronological) doesn’t work to show you are the best candidate for the job, even though you may possess the skills needed, a skills format may be the best type of resume formats to choose from.

After creating your first draft, you may want to seek the advice of a Career Services advisor to let you know if this type of format is the best for what you are applying for.

If you aren’t sure which resume format works best for you and the position you are applying for, you should look at some samples and what each of them features. It would be best for you choose the combination that matches your background and skills.

When To Use Different Resume Formats

You shouldn’t choose a resume format just because it might be more likely to use that format just because of the type of major you had. It doesn’t matter what type of job position, internship, etc. you are seeking, resume formats won’t affect the probability of you getting the job.

However, it is best to choose a format that supports your objective and personal skills best. If you are totally unsure, have some critique your resume and revise it as needed.