Perhaps you are wondering what resume objectives are and why they are needed. A resume objective is a short, influential statement at the top of your resume that helps the employer understand how you will benefit their company or organization.

Because employers briefly scan resumes to determine if they want to continue reading, resume objectives play a key part in deciding whether or not they should actually read on.

How to Use Resume Objectives to Your Advantage

Using a powerful objective will capitalize on the first few seconds of scanning your resume. And hopefully, it has enough of an impact to grab the employer’s attention.

This is a statement where you can show you understand what the job description entails and how you can fulfill the roles and responsibilities listed. When using resume objectives correctly, you will have a better chance of being called in for an interview.

Sometimes resume objectives and profiles are confused. Profiles discuss what you are aiming for in a position, whereas a resume objective discusses what the employer is seeking.

How to Use Resume Objectives to Your Advantage

The profile advertises you, whereas the objective advertises them and the job position. A profile statement would sound something like this: Seeking a career with an advancing company where I can use my skills, expertise, and experience in account reconciliation, issuance and maintenance of debit and credit cards, and customer service.

On the other hand, a resume objective would sound like this: Visa/debit coordinator position obtainable through 5 years of experience will add value to operations.

How to Use Resume Objectives to Your Advantage

Basically, when you list the objective it helps the employer to see right from the start if you are the most fitting employee for the offered position in as short amount of time as possible. Resume objectives say, “You’re seeking a Visa coordinator? Here’s how this employee will benefit the company.”

In contrast, a profile requests the employer to contemplate a relationship where the other aspects of the employee must also be considered.

On the whole, resume objectives are targeted to answer the questions in the previous paragraph. They help employers to quickly decide if you are the best candidate for a position without having to take into consideration the other facts on your resume.