Useful insurance after graduation

Hardly is the study over, he’re off: The serious side of life. It applies not only to find a suitable entry job, but also, unfortunately, necessary insurances. Finally, the de-registration communication come entirely new obligations fluttered into the house.The new phase of life requires an increased responsibility of the graduates. To be able to secure meaningful start in the personal and professional future, the job market gives an overview of the most important insurance companies after graduation.

Health insurance

Health insurance

Most students enjoy the benefits of cheap family insurance, provided they are not older than 25 years and the minimum limit of 365 euros per month (or 450 euros on mini-job basis) not exceed. After the de-registration, the student insurance requirement and with it eliminates unfortunately numerous perks. You then deserve his own money and is older than 25 years, you should for a new insurance around. It comes for most entrants initially only to public health insurance in question. Aspiring officials, such as teacher training graduates, however, should also find out about private health insurance, because it is strongly subsidized by the government.

In principle, one should obtain detailed information in advance as to which (additional) services providing health insurance, the best on independent comparison portals such as Stiftung Warentest, on the respective websites of health insurance companies, or in a personal consultation at the offices. Depending on which individual needs to have in the current situation in life, you can search for a suitable insurance by using the following additional services. So sets a high value on the assumption of costs of naturopathic treatment, whereas another would rather get paid the travel vaccinations.

Moreover, one should consider when deciding whether the preferred health insurance has proven over the years as a contributing stable. For frequent travelers within Europe also worth a foreign health insurance. These can be bought from a, bargain price ‘of 5 euros per year.

Liability insurance

A private liability insurance should, just like health insurance, to be completed by each. She reaches for damage to third parties without inflicting intentional. The cost of liability insurance are approximately 60 euros per year. – A wise investment that has preserved for many from financial ruin.

In addition to vehicle owner is required by law to take out motor liability insurance. If one possesses a larger pet, you should also take out pet insurance.

Civil servants and public employees, it is also obliged to take a service liability insurance. Finally, these professionals are personally liable for damage they cause in the course of performing their duties. The service liability hedges state employees against immense damages.


During the course accumulates usually a fairly vivid smorgasbord of technological equipment, furniture, furnishings and other private resources to. The first job is for most graduates at the time to equip your realm with furniture and living comfort. For those who have a certain number of assets, it is worth to take out a home insurance. This engages in a non-self-inflicted loss or damage of all living at home things, for example, during a burglary, water damage or an apartment fire.

What many do not know: The home insurance takes over not only the cost of the damaged or stolen property, but also for repairing the damage. These include, for example, cleanup and repair.Also covers the Household Hotel and storage costs if the permanent accommodation for the period of repairing damage can not be inhabited.

accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance engages as part of social insurance for occupational diseases and accidents at work. They can be supplemented by private accident insurance. This secures the policyholder against the consequences of accidents at leisure from financially. Usually, the person receives a lump-sum payment or a pension for life. A private accident insurance is obtained for less than 10 euros per month. Thus it is relatively low in comparison to disability insurance.

Disability insurance

A disability insurance applies when you have to work due to an accident or due to illness less or is incapacitated. This also applies to psychological diseases. If this occurs, the disability insurance keeps those affected from being dependent on Hartz IV. So the person receives in case of need a monthly pension that secures the livelihood.

In general you should carefully consider after graduation, which insurance benefits are the personal requirements and in view of the current situation in life are necessary. A bullet does not exist. However, one should not take lightly this subject. Even if the insurance – like the German journalist Wolfram Weidner once remarked – a Lotto is where you only win if you’re unlucky.

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