The other job position that may interest is of epidemiologist. You will love the job if you want to serve the humanity. The medical scientists as epidemiologists are responsible to try and find the way to control the outbreaks of epidemics that may be fatal to the humanity. Recently the epidemiologists all over the world are struggling to control the N1H1 virus which is causing swine flu and affecting the masses all over the world.

Recent developments in technology and business opportunities are diminishing the barriers among the nations and masses are traveling abroad a lot. The various types of viruses which may cause outbreak of epidemics also travel with them. This scenario has increased the utility and demand of epidemiologists. To find the safe way to save the population from any possible bioterrorist attack is also the responsibility of epidemiologists.

All of us know that the whole world is struggling to combat with some incurable diseases like AIDS, cancer and Parkinson’s disease. The biotech industries are trying to develop some effective medicines so that these diseases may be cured. The industry is always lack of good medical scientists. The industry is offering highest emoluments to its capable medical scientists. May you be one of them?

Various Types of Jobs and Career

Not only these incurable diseases and epidemics, but small diseases are also preying the more and more population day by day. The modern life styles has given rise to some of the chronic disease like hypertension, damaged respiratory, digestion, nervous and muscular systems. People are fed up of less effective allopathic medicines for these diseases and are adopting alternative of them. This is the reason practitioners of alternative medicines and natural therapies like yoga are hot demand these days. You need not have a great academic degree to become the practitioner of alternative medicines, though it may be a high paying career.

We are facing recession in certain areas of business but the financial position of the industries is still sound. They still need financial advisors for them. The main job of a financial advisor is to advise his clients about their financial management. They advise their clients to invest their money in right policies, market or shares and stocks, so that they can get maximum return on their investment. Investors generally have no spare time to know and learn the market trends. They need financial advisors for their help. The opportunity of growth in financial advisor as a career is limit less and is ever increasing.

There is no limit to the sky. Same is true for availability of jobs and careers for the suitable candidates.

Various Types of Jobs and Career

It has never been an easy task to choose a best suitable job or career from various available options to a fresher. We have been trying to help such job aspirants by discussing about many of such jobs and careers through this article series. The governments are emphasizing much on health and environmental issues. This has increased the demand of biophysicist and biochemists also. There are lots of opportunities available for the eligible youths in food processing, drug research and development and biotechnology fields.

Many of the markets are facing recession these days due to one or another reason. The large business houses are looking for management analysts who can analyze their business and can advise measures to conquer such tough times. Management analysts have to find the cause of unexpected losses. The career of management analyst has a lot of growth aspects.

Like management analysts, the demand of financial managers is also increasing day by day with the growth of economy. An aspirant who is familiar with financial projections, income returns and balance sheets may apply for a position of treasurer, controller, financial officer or credit manager. They are involved in long term business strategies so there is a feeling of job security in the field.

Various Types of Jobs and Career

Searching for the job position of market research analyst is another good option. All the business houses have the tendency to research the market prior to launch of their any new product. Market research analysts have to collect the data on all levels i.e. nationally, regionally or locally. They do so by putting some sets of questions to the public and finding their answers. This data is then utilized for research whether the product proposed to be launch will be hit or otherwise.

Geoscientists have been in great demand for some times. There services are required in many fields like seismology, oceanography and geology. Geoscientists are considered to be expert in studying the earth and they give their recommendations for big projects like building bridges and highways. A geoscientist may be engineering geologist or petroleum geologist. Petroleum geologist is responsible for finding the new resources of fuel below the earth.

It is the competition in all fields that have caused the demand of advertising. So the career as advertising and promotion manager is a good option these days. This is one of the highest paying lucrative careers. This job involves responsibility of planning and directing advertising strategies. They evolve the methods of promoting any product by tactics involving giveaways, discounts, contests and coupons etc.

Various Types of Jobs and Career

The job of a statistician is to gain access to the risk. There are many job opportunities available for them in insurance industries these days. They look into the matters related to pension, property, causality, life and health etc. The job prospectuses are good due to growth in the insurance industry and risk management.

If you are interested in the law and have educational qualification in the stream, then you have the option to become a lawyer. The court rooms is not only the place where lawyers are required. Many business houses may also appoint you as a legal advisor to them. You may work as a civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, defensive lawyer or a plaintiff lawyer. It all depends on your choice and efficiency.

You may choose to become an agent or a business manager for a famous artist, athlete or performer. They are not the good businessperson and will need your services for marketing them efficiently and negotiating their clients. The entertainment industry is considered to be an evergreen industry, so job in the industry may be considered secure and lucrative.

You may own a creative mind; there are many opportunities available for you in media and entertainment industry. You may work as producer of TV programs, movies and stage shows if you have capabilities suitable for managing finance and business. Your responsibility will be of choosing good scripts, estimating and arranging budget and selecting actors and director for the project. You may also have the option to act as news producer. You may produce news items for TV and radios and other popular media.

Various Types of Jobs and Career

Experienced marketing managers will remain in demand for a long time with the ever increasing competition in the marketplace. As a marketing manager, you will have to work as a team with product development managers, market research mangers and sales managers. You will be responsible for exploring the new customer base for the products of your employer company. For the purpose you will have to research taste and needs of the probable customers to make hit your products.

You may also serve the community by opting to work as health and service manager in any public or private practice office or a large or medium sized hospital. As a manger there your responsibility will be of administration of medicine stores and records, insurance claims, budgets, staff etc. Health industry has been ever blooming and so is the case with the career opportunities related with it.

IT industry has become the hot market for the freshers and they are finding many job opportunities in the industry. The industry is providing jobs to all the students having various levels of skills. They are recruiting data typists, programmers, system managers, network administrators and data base administrators etc.