In an era, where gaming is fast developing from a mere craze to serious enthusiasm and participation, video games designers have become a much sought after profession. It not only provides high returns in terms of pecuniary matters, but also gives a great deal of job satisfaction. The job description of video games designing include conceptualizing the game and its layout and painstakingly incorporating innumerable series of player experiences occurring under various permutation and combination of conditions.

Key skills for Video Game Designer:

  • Writing skills
  • Programming knowledge
  • Understanding of psychology (insight into gamers mind)
  • Sharp, analytical, problem solving mind

Video Game Designer Resume Format

Video Game Designers Resume

Video game designing is a highly technical job that combines in it an assortment of wide-ranging skills. An aspiring video game designer is extremely gifted and his resume should bring out this aspect to showcase his various skills if he expects to get noticed and hired for the job he is so passionate about.

After mentioning your name and full contact details, proceed on to the next sections which deserve the maximum of your attention for through this part of your resume can you induce your prospective employer to take notice of your proficiency.

Begin with your academic qualification. Write down this in a bullet format in the order where all your educational expertise relating to your job profile comes first. With the increasing complexity of the process how video games are deigned nowadays, it is imperative that you should have a high degree of knowledge of computer skills.

Video Game Designers Resume

Follow this up with other academic qualification that you may have. Since this job entails a great deal of writing, a flair for such and even a degree is very much welcome. An understanding of various fields of humanities, such as drama, art, psychology etc is also valuable and thus if you come from this background, you are not entirely off the mark and can contribute to the job of video game designing.

Work Experience

The work experience field of your resume is also a very vital part as a competent background can swing your prospective employer in your favor. The emphasis should be on all the various works you have accomplished that match with the job profile for which you have applied for. In a bullet format, provide details of your earlier stints as a video game designer and highlight your achievements.

Video Game Designers Resume

Just as some non-gaming educational expertise you mentioned in the previous section had given you an edge, similar experiences can be handy in this section too. However, remember to present it in a summarized manner only and put the emphasis on the gaming experiences to draw attention from a prospective employer.

However, if you are a fresher, then highlighting your educational courses that outline the kind of job you can perform would help you. A brief outline of your skills and objective combined with an accurate expression of your passion for being a video games designer can offset your lack of previous experience and persuade the prospective employer to give you the job.