You were fired surprising? They overcame the initial shock and successfully brought the quite salutary phase of self-pity behind? Then you will now inevitably the question: What next?

You know of course that the initiative must come from you. The chance of finding a job through the employment agency is only one of several. Weigh yourself better not safe because you only just once to receive unemployment compensation – and think about a change in the self only longer after if you own other than a dazzling business idea and business know-how and also a solid financial cushion.

So it can work with the new job

  • Indecision and idleness, you can not afford it – feel instead on the possibilities inherent in you and so far not quite came to fruition.
  • Now it’s your job to take care of a new job. And the eight hours a day. You work full time from pursuing again a controlled and well-paid work. Do not hang up, get there early as regular employees and your managers in their own right!
  • Think about the “virtues” such as diligence, concentration , persistence and perseverance. This you will need in your new job – training you can already now.
  • Be sure not to lose the connection. Stay in touch with colleagues, you take courses for training (eg., Via the employment agency) and treat yourself to possibly the advice of a career coach.
  • That’s ego is sometimes the purest spoilsport – or sitting on a high horse. Be still willing to take a job for which you are overqualified. Perhaps it is the first step forward, may come in the new operating more quickly. It might be worth a try!
  • Do not be swayed by people who complain constantly about the fact that there are no jobs. That’s not true: Nearly one million vacancies there are in Germany. Keep on your optimism fixed!
  • Use time and care on your application – from photo to the cover letter. In this area, professional help (career coach, outplacement consultants, etc.) can be worthwhile.
  • With a good job and an interesting CV is not enough – you finally convince your personality. Realize what you can and want. Test your own persuasion, by an ” elevator pitch ready.” That’s the short oral version of your resume, when you can highlight the relevant for the job stations and skills and also emphasize your special skills. Practice with a video and watch critically, how you come across.
  • A headhunter to commission, recommended only in upper management. Otherwise, you are only one candidate among many. Accept rather own the responsibility for your goal. With strengthened self-confidence you will achieve it on their own.
  • If you submit an application, you can wait until the HR department contacts you. But often only screened there who is on the short list. If you have found out for who you would work, it is up to you: you can go out and try to get in touch with the decision makers directly on LOS. Frequently it is well received, if candidates believe something, because people with guts are sought. So be quiet otherwise, be bold!
  • On the platforms of social media take the job listings to – and below are not the worst. But be careful: Do not write Comments or questions about job posts. Have a look at what it is for a company and what type of job, and search the decision on the spot. You can try to receive a personal invitation via a phone call.
  • Should it really a job interview coming, it is advisable to talk more about the future than to expatiate about the past. You keep your eye on the benefits that you bring to the company. Ask interested and factual questions. Her previous jobs has already seen your interlocutors anyway already in your resume. He wants to know if you fit the company and what you can afford – for the good impression You are solely responsible, give their best so that you will bring you on board.
  • A job interview is not just any interview, but should be considered by you as a sales pitch. You sell yourself and your services at the highest possible price. This works best if you show genuine interest in the company and make your logic skills to the test. You may like to advertise your person should not reduce but not exaggerate. The conversation please leave your counterpart.
  • Do not step into pitfalls by talking bad about your last job or your boss. Some questions may aim, but do not be tempted to make up air. If you badmouth the company, it ultimately falls back on you.For now your boss can imagine in spe, as you might even talk about him. Presumably, you will already be fired before they were set at all.
  • Familiarize yourself in advance clear which three to five companies come for you as an employer in question. Then let it know these companies who you are, what you want and what you can. Just Get Started!