The profession of a web designer is both very interesting and complex. The job description entails creating content for the Internet through a detailed process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution. Therefore, a web designer creates a website containing information in web pages for the benefit of the users.

A web designers job is a very demanding job and it blends the creative and the technical in you. Your resume that displays the right mix of expertise and experience can thus give you an edge when you apply for a job. So you must remember to highlight these sections in your resume with special care.

Web Designer Resumes

A fresher has to come up with academic excellence in his project and with whom he was associated to complete the task and the likely impact his recommendations to that particular organisation. This will be the treasured experience for a fresher.

Key Skills for Web Designer:

  • Knowledge of graphic design
  • Sound knowledge of software application
  • Ability to work in a team/ lead a team
  • Ability to work quickly and accurately and meet tight deadlines

Web Designer Resumes

The Format

The initial segment of your resume should deal with your personal contact information such as

  1. Name
  2. Postal address
  3. Phone numbers
  4. Email address

The education section of the resume of a web designer is broadly divided under two sub-sections. Use a tabular form to display a summary of your early academic qualification from school onwards under the heading of academics. The most important part for you in the section is the Technical Skills section. Include in this segment all the myriad graphic and web designing skills, both creative and technical, that you have acquired. This would give your prospective employers a comprehensive and fair idea of your know-how and the more wide-ranging and variety of skills you are adept at, the brighter are your chances to land up the job of a web designer.

Web Designer Resumes

However, whether you intend to work as a freelancer or as a full-time professional, your work experience is bound to get a lot of weight. So you have to design and present this section of your resume to your prospective employers in a very attractive and conspicuous manner. However, while giving the details avoid description and use bullet or numbered format for easy reference.

Unless you are a fresh hand, it is obvious that you have already got at least one or two previous working stints if not more. If you are a fresher, then focus on the skills you have acquired and the prospective employer can understand your capability and hire you. If you do come with a working background, then divide each of your previous stints as different sub-sections and under the heading that gives name of the role you played in that organization, briefly give an account of your job profile and your contributions and accomplishments and recognitions.

Web Designer Resumes

While freelance web designing is a lot of fun and it provides you with the freedom to choose when and for how long you wish to work, for a full-time professional web designer it is more of a team work. However, remember that in whatever capacity you wish to work, web designing involves handling and managing a lot of work pressure as you have to work under tight schedules. So, conclude your resume with a pledge to work long and hard with dedication, sincerity and application.