What to do when colleagues are embarrassed?

With start my foot! What to do when colleagues are embarrassed?

Strange discussion topics at the networking event, bad manners during a business meal, dubious humor at the booth – there are many situations where employees misbehaving abundantly and bring their colleagues in uncomfortable situations. Fremdschämen is one thing, but what if the embarrassing colleague threatens to ruin the company’s image? Read here how to respond best when your colleague embarrassing (again) strikes.

Humanity is also allowed in the workplace

One should be clarified at the outset: No man is without error – and that’s a good thing. It is normal that we enter into pitfalls and embarrass us again. Here, the work place is no exception. Especially if we want to behave particularly well and appropriately – and we adjusted well to some degree been – it happens frequently namely that something embarrassing happens.

The problem here is not the embarrassing action in itself, but that the feeling of being embarrassed, is contagious. Depending on the “hardness” of the situation we hear the other of some sort can solidarity up to the limitless Fremdschämen rich. The latter is gaining the upper hand then, if it is no longer just about slip-ups, but negligent recidivism in the embarrassing moments. In almost every company there it: This specific variety employees who misses no blunders and disgraced regularly.

 The top 10 Peinlichkeits Classic at work

  1. The colleague told a joke that no one can laugh, but interrupts himself in peals of laughter
  2. The colleague / colleague laughs at the joke of another and exposes this lunch, which still “hidden” between his teeth
  3. The colleague / colleague performs a highfalutin discussion and enriches his arguments with (wrong choice) foreign or technical words
  4. The colleague / colleague no food behaves during a business meal as he had three days to be taken
  5. The colleague / colleague accosted people on the show, which are only taken and continued to run a pen
  6. The colleague proudly presents their new high heels in the office – and simply can not walk so
  7. The colleague / colleague has a “unüberriechbaren” body odor
  8. The colleague / colleague sneezes and does not have a tissue handy. So he takes the hand with which he then greeted a customer.
  9. The colleague / colleague uses every public event for a boozy drink.
  10. The colleague / colleague will speak against the boss – while this is behind him.

The proper handling of embarrassing colleagues

Just when many (foreign) people are, the embarrassing behavior of a colleague can be extremely unpleasant. Even worse, it may under certain circumstances – for example, trade shows and networking events – the damage the company’s reputation . A superior way of dealing with the situation is therefore inevitable. However, as you have your colleagues point out that his behavior is not just adequate – not to say more wrong – was?

   Tip # 1: The four-on-one meeting

In order to de-escalate situations discreetly around, it is always advisable if you take your colleagues for breast and a two-person conversation pray. By him hold his embarrassing behavior in front of the whole team, make sure that nothing that is better. On the contrary: The open confrontation has often means that it is much more painful and unpleasant for everyone involved.

Tip # 2: Direct and yet polite

If you want to make a colleague on an embarrassment attention that usually requires a lot of tact. Quite a few people feel that is stepped on the toes when pointing to minor and major errors. Thus, the company’s blessing is not wrong depends in the future, you should always act directly, but also courteous in conversation . This means: Assign your colleagues on the concrete situation that you are doing but never briskly, annoyed or even rude. Try it once in, to put themselves in the position of your opponent and think about how you want to be asked about the issue. This often helps to find the right tone.

  Tip # 3: Always at eye level

To err is human, and each of us takes time herself in trouble. That you should always be aware when you are addressing a colleague on his embarrassing behavior. Talk to this in no way condescending or so, as would never happen to you something in life. Do not know what embarrassing situation around the next corner might be waiting for you. So make sure to have a conversation at eye level. Sometimes it can help a little (embarrassing) story to tell your part, to emphasize that no one is free from defects.

  Tip # 4: Take all with humor

When it comes to deal with embarrassing situations or colleagues, humor is the best way. Nothing is more liberating than laughing heartily at an unpleasant incident , thus creating him from the world. But remember always that this is a balancing act. By taking the situation too easy, you signal your colleagues that it’s okay if he behaves embarrassing. Under certain circumstances, this shot badly backfire.

Tip # 5: The learning effect

The good thing about embarrassing situations is that one of them to learn can. Emphasize that when you point your colleagues to his misbehavior – but without the moral index finger to raise it (see Tip # 3!).

Embarrassing situations do not inferior

Although embarrassing colleagues can be exhausting, the workday would be without them but also abundant boring. Ask yourself only once before that all employees are clear in your business and carry a flawless vest!

It is important that missteps must be accepted and must not lead to the same social exclusion. An embarrassing situation is after all only one embarrassing situation and no indication that the colleague is inferior to others. No man is without error and perfectionism is anyway less in demand. If your colleague so once again behaving embarrassing, you should make it as a form of humanity understand. The above tips will help you deal with the situation and to process them as possible. In the end it is good if everyone can smile about it and has also learned something from it.

Your experiences and opinions are in demand? How do you deal with distressing colleagues? What situations are you most embarrassed? As always, we appreciate your comments.