Why do companies targeted autistic

  • It is estimated that 0.7 to one percent of the world’s population of autism affected mostly men.
  • Asperger’s autistic have normal to high intelligence, but they had long time problems in finding a job in the primary labor market.
  • For companies like SAP now employs a rethink.
Von Miriam Hoffmeyer

Whether in school or at the university, he had never heard this correctly, says Martin Busley. “I have always noticed as certain foreign body, which is the alien’s syndrome.” After undergraduate Busley abandoned his study of mathematics. He took a job in a hardware store, instead of mathematics he worked on the loaded or unloaded shelves. “Give battens is not necessarily intellectually satisfying. And if a customer wanted information and waited, I felt pressed for time and got a bit panicked.”

Ten years ago Asperger’s autism was diagnosed with Martin Busley. People with this disorder can develop social and emotional signals is difficult to assess and react appropriately. To convince employers talking of itself is a huge challenge for them. Martin Busley saw for themselves only a chance when he learned from a friend that the software company SAP specifically adjusts autistic. 2013 he applied to SAP, was invited to a Kennenlerntag, did an internship and then was on the same team as a system administrator permanently employed. About a written message system of 31-year-old now processes customer inquiries from around the world.

SAP employs nearly one hundred employees with world autism , one fifth of them in Germany. Until 2020 , the Group plans to hire even several hundred autistic. “As a rule, these people can occupy long time very concentrated with one thing, many have an enormous visual memory. Therefore, they may well detect errors in software,” says Anka Wittenberg, responsible for diversity and inclusion at SAP.

Why do companies targeted autistic
Why do companies targeted autistic

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But the possibilities for autistic people are not limited to software testing or data entry. Some also work as project managers or in the production of promotional videos. The atmosphere in the team and has even improved by the new employees, says Wittenberg: “autistic always tell the truth, they give direct feedback also about what did not go so well Sarcasm they do not understand the other employees have considered that.. and so all have direct talked at the end. “Since SAP Germany 80 nationalities are represented, is a clear communication benefits all parties.

In the selection process, the group collaborates with the Integration Office Karlsruhe and the Danish company Specialisterne, supports autistic in integrating into the labor market worldwide. “So far we have often focused on the weaknesses of candidates. We need to rethink and see more of the strengths,” says Wittenberg. EU-wide were in the IT sector 900,000locations open. “And if we integrate people whose brain is networked otherwise, other solutions are coming out.”