Why you want to work at Google

Why you want to work at GoogleWhy all want to work at Google? Is it the coolness, the leading technology, the international environment or the conditions of employment? Answer: Everything together.

A survey of a hundred European universities led everywhere to the same result: Google tops the list of most popular employers. What makes Google as an employer so popular?

include innovation and related products

According to this poll want students prefer to work with companies, “which they associate with innovation and innovative products”. The larger the market success of a company, the better the result of the poll. Success is so sexy.

Wanted: Knowledge and Ambition

Getting a job at an employer of choice, is for the students but not child’s play. If you want a job, have to go through several interviews and “googley” be, as it is called company-internally. In addition to a great deal of expertise and language skills especially one is asked: Ambition. Google wants people who excel: about, because they have already built their own businesses while studying or pursuing a hobby with passion, explains the company.

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In Zurich office Swiss are in the minority

It is not to measure themselves as candidates with Swiss candidates – even if you are applying in Zurich. At the location in Switzerland’s largest city are Swiss in the minority: The Google employees come from all continents.

fancy Work

Whoever manages finally, working in an ideal environment. The Google offices in Zurich – the largest research center outside the United States – are extravagant.

Hammock and Massage

Why you want to work at GoogleSince there are stylish phone boxes, pinball machines and pool tables, a hammock room, but also Wii consoles and a massage room. The company offers these services in the knowledge that there are often working days that are longer than eight hours. But the benefits are impressive. So Google will pay several hundred francs to the health insurance of employees – but also on those of the spouse and any children.

Entry fee for the child

In a birth there are 500 francs to make the most necessary purchases, the versions of public transport to go to work wearing the employer. Every lunchtime and evening you can free catering in the canteen, and Google pays the costs of the Internet at home. In case of illness, there are two years, 80 percent of salary. Several times a year Google corporate events such as movie nights, concerts, picnics or Skiweekends.

“The spirits that I called …”

Every day to apply more than 3,000 people at Google. The company employs just over 20,000 people worldwide. In order not to get more applications, Google has refused to give us an interview. We had googled simply.