Make sure that you get a job reference with each job change. In an application, you should be able to document your activities completely.
An application file should together with cover letter and resume include all job references and evidence of all completed training and education.

At which point the application, the job references come?

The references will be queued in the job application directly after the resume and in the same (reverse) chronological order – the latest at the top, the earliest at the far end. The same applies to the evidence of training and education that follow subsequently. Evidence from compulsory schooling you need only attach if you are for the job is important. If you are applying to the first digit of your life, the school reports, especially the last, are of great importance. With progressive professional experience whose significance decreases more and more.

Without evidence goes nothing

Never without job

Insist on leaving a job always on the exhibition of a work certificate.According to article 330a of the Swiss Code of Obligations, you can always ask the employer for a certificate which is in favor of the nature and duration of the employment relationship and about your achievements and your conduct. This claim to a job reference, you can if necessary also prevail in court. If you wish, the certificate must include information on the type and duration of employment are limited (mere attestation of employment without ratings).