Women at work: more women in senior positions

More women in senior positions – the demanding German politicians. Also in Switzerland, brings the issue to the fore.

More women in senior positionsMore women in the executive suite – the discussion about a legal quota for women in Germany now spilling in Switzerland. We have made a survey on Facebook on this issue: The fans advocate a legal quota for women. However, among supporters mostly women. Men more likely to keep anything from the women’s quota.

Does it for a women’s quota?

Yes because…

The Odds Proponents argue without quotas continue too few women would occupy top management positions. This is not to be overlooked today.

No, because …

Some women reject the quota system. They fear that their performance will not be recognized – with the motto “You did it only because of the odd here”. In order to meet the quota, companies could also create pseudo-leadership positions: transform the previous function simply in a leadership position to without however changing the object.

Initiative for women leaders

Heiner Thorborg, founder of the “Generation CEO” initiative, says that it is extremely worthwhile to occupy more management positions with women.Mixed teams are more successful – the studies have proved. The”Generation CEO” was established for women with outstanding educational and leadership experience. In the network of “Generation CEO” to them to facilitate the upward path.

Salary difference between men and women

Salary difference between men and women

The Federal Statistical Office has announced an alarming number: men earned in 2012 an average of 19.60 euros per hour, women only 15.21 euros (each gross). This means a level difference of 22 percent.


Salary difference between men and womenInadequate assumptions in the calculation of the content difference

As this figure comes to pass? In the case of the Federal Statistical Office, the equation is as follows: the average salary of men vs. Average wage of all women. This bill, however, is too simple because it involves several factors which make a fair comparison impossible:

  • Women often work in typical low-paid jobs (eg jobs in social work) and men in well-paid sectors (eg engineering , IT )
  • Almost half of all working women in Germany working in a part-time job, and they are often paid less than full-time jobs. Thus was Hans Böckler Foundation found that the average hourly wage around two euros is lower in a part-time job.
  • Women are more frequent and longer parental leave. Thus they may miss a usual salary increase .
  • The proportion of women in management, supervisory boards and other leadership positions is significantly less than the men.

Absolute vs. adjusted wage gap

There is another, more meaningful number: the so-called “adjusted wage gap”. This takes into account the very factors that make the woman merit so look bad. Industry, occupation, qualification and position here into account. Considering these factors we arrive at a very different number: namely, only seven percent wage difference between men and women.

A salary gap of 22 percent sounds frightening, but behind it there is a miscalculation. Before one can be impressed by big numbers and appalling facts and holding political rhetoric, I think so should examine the background.

Ways out of the difference in pay between men and women

Nevertheless, is an approximation of the salaries of men and women to advocate. There are three main approaches:

  • There must be more women excited for typical, well-paid male jobs
  • Reconciling work and family
  • A women’s quota (if provided at currently discrepancy vary only slightly) for management positions

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Working outfits for women

Working outfits for women

Whether job interview, first working or important presentation – the appearance contributes a major part of how we appear to others. Especially when it comes to clothing, women have this much more design freedom than men. But who has the choice, are spoiled. An infographic reveals what you should consider when proper business attire.


“Fashion is transient, style never”

This wisdom of Coco Chanel appears in terms of the Career Dress Codeas being especially valuable. What counts here are not the highest high heels and trendy patterns, but one thing: style. The challenge: The perfect business outfit underlines the character, creates clear lines with accents and is comfortable. Only those who in his clothing feels comfortable, which also radiates outward toward. – An important prerequisite to act confidently and to convince others of it.

Working outfits for women

But business outfit is not equal business outfit. Just as in the private sector, there are several situations that require adequate clothing.

The first impression counts

When we meet strangers, we draw already on the basis of external appearance unconsciously draw conclusions about the character. It works the same the prospective employer when he meets the new employee in the interview. Their appearance and appearance immensely affect the first impression they give of themselves. Here, it is exactly the right mix of business chic and individual touch to find.

During the interview the outfit should never detract from character and abilities of the candidate.That is: less is more. A simple blouse or a slightly finer shirt or top, a blazer and rather plain, flat shoes are standard equipment. the outfit is completed by small accessories such as a necklace or a scarf, which serve as a style-creating accents.

For each situation, the right business outfit

How Do You Prove style not only during the interview, but by what clothes and accessories you are well prepared for other situations in everyday business life, betrays this infographic:


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