Working as a freelance journalist – salary and career prospects

Working as a freelance journalist - salary and career prospects

The job market for journalists has long been highly competitive. Even renowned media offer less and less permanent positions. Nevertheless, the profession of journalism uninterrupted demand pleased. But what earns you a living without permanent position?
Working as a freelance journalist - salary and career prospects
Working as a freelance journalist – salary and career prospects

In Germany, estimates the German Journalists Association (DJV) , do so about 25,000 people as so-called freelance journalists.

You write messages for newspapers, build radio reportage or film features for television on a fee basis. Often, they work across all media and for various clients. The lucky ones find a firm authority, work he regularly for.

However, without the rights of employees to enjoy, for example, continued pay in case of illness. Good training + much work = low income

A prescribed training for journalists there is not. Freelance journalists have usually completed a university degree or an internship and worked as a salaried editors.

Contacts from this period are later useful to find a buyer for their products. However, the career start as a freelance journalist hard many. Overwrite talent many have, but the commercial component of the profession is not for everyone.

Finally freelance journalists as entrepreneurs have to act, many latches brush and can sell yourself well.

The fact that the few do not succeed well, a look at the average income freelancers. According to astudy by the German Trade Union of Journalists in 2008 earned more than half a content of a maximum of 2,000 euros gross – as a freelancer you have to part with secure before illness, unemployment and retirement. Net remains so not much of the content left.

Moreover, high competition, low fees and lack of payment discipline of contracting complicate the situation of freelance journalists. Under these conditions, only 20 percent of freelancers achieve a monthly income of about 3,000 euros net.

Freelance journalist as a secondary activity

The low income force many independent journalists, show up more sources of income. Many are hired casually as PR copywriter and in the corporate communications .

Here higher fees and salaries are usually achieved than in the press. To find freelance journalists a financial basis in order to process the way self-selected topics.

During their permanent colleagues are often linked thematically, estimated freelance journalists, especially their ability to work independently, as a study by the University Hagen.

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