Working in the Start-Up

Working in the Start-Up

Start-up companies offer diverse career opportunities off the contact professional paths, but most graduates aspire to a career with a great company.
This one can blame anyone, eventually lure the employer of the young employees with attractive salaries and special programs for applicants who are fresh out of college.
We calls the opportunities and risks.


Start-up in the Internet industry – Many successful examples

Start-ups are more than just a “Plan B” for job-seekers. Especially in the Internet industry, the possibilities of innovative business ideas and models by no means exhausted. In this area, many of the young start-up companies to settle and contribute with their own momentum for rapid development of Internet in.

Positive examples abound: The coupon service Groupon offers its services since 2008 and is so successful that he was able to reject a takeover by Google in the amount of $ 6 billion.

The most famous young companies is Facebook, although it is likely with his almost ten year old company’s history only difficult part of the start-up scene. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has shown with its social Internet platform, however, how quickly a start-up can mature into a multibillion-dollar company.

It must also not necessarily be a computer-cracking. Startups offer including many marketing – andsales jobs .

Careers in the start-up start …

One is especially true for start-ups: In most still exist no fixed structures . While there is a broad classification into different departments, but due to the flat hierarchies each packed with incidental work with.

“Hands-On” mentality is standard practice in start-ups. These then also include the variety of tasks for each individual. A positive side effect is the steep learning curve, because with the many tasks there are also mentally take much.

A job at a start-up means that many experiences are made, the case of a large company are hardly possible in this form. Independent work though requires a high degree of initiative and ability to motivate, but you collect valuable experience, get deep insights in the business and receives an interesting reference for the CV.

Jobs in start-ups are intended mainly for graduates interesting that they want to participate, look at work is not as accurate on the clock and do not want to come every day with shirt and tie to the office. The average age is usually less than 30 and usually are all by you.

… With a lot of work, major opportunities and risks

However, there are in a start-up also some things that are not any. As it is in most cases to young entrepreneurs who still have little experience, some is working messy.

Processes and internal communications have yet to be built and are part of the above-mentioned learning curve. In addition, the work is very labor intensive in a start-up in most cases. Those seeking a 9-to-5 job, in the start-up will not be happy, because the employees in a start-up requires an above-average motivation.

In return, however, is obtained for a job, in the self-realization is a basic component of the activity.

Start-ups through a complicated process from the initial idea through financing rounds to unproven business models. All this is a not to be underestimated risk connected, because is the younger the start-up, the more uncertain whether it can compete on the market – and thus whether the jobs remain.

Start-Up Application

Often, the staff recruited from the indirect environment. In Internet also contains some portals that deal with the start-up scene, and the like. The most famous include .

With I-potential also exists a personnel consultancy, which has arisen from the start-up world and thereby now optimally networked with its focus on the digital economy.

Start-up companies looking for dedicated employees who also humanly fit into the team.Therefore marks are often of secondary importance; are much more important motivation and commitment.

A look at the scene is worthwhile not only for the career . An internship in a newly created company promises an intensive work with high learning curve. Start Up interns have from the very beginning the company’s performance and some are far more than Zuarbeiter.

And perhaps there is indeed so, important contacts for future career socialize.