How the workplace of the future looks

Out-of-Office: How the workplace of the future looks

The changes which currently brings digitization in the world of work, are obvious. Especially the office work is located in a real turnaround. Have you perhaps ever wondered how your work in 2025 will look like?

The trend seems clear: In 2025 we are working “out-of-office”

That it may no longer give your desktop in 2025, certainly does not mean that you are getting your job then go. We speak simply of the new model of work “out-of-office” . The laptop on the desk at home, calling on the comfortable sofa and work, while the children play in the next room? Soon could be reality for you.Telework is currently recording namely a real upswing and experts suggest that this will significantly increase by the year 2025. How so? Because the Home Office over the office workplace brings many advantages, both for the company and for the employees.

Home Office: cost alternative for the company

For employers, the widespread introduction of telework is primarily a cost saving. Many companies reject the model because of the alleged “lack of control” still on, but that’s a big mistake, because the rising demands of the new generation and therefore desperately looking for skilled workers to their employers.So teleworking is becoming an increasingly important part of employer branding . Moreover, the fear is completely unfounded: Modern technologies allow completely control the transactions in the home office work. And since missing here the deflection by the latest gossip with colleagues, many employees work in the home office even more productive than in the office.

Clear, to the offices probably not so soon completely abolish the company. In 2025, the Home Office is because once only complement the office and not fully replace. Nevertheless, this means that not every day all employees in the company are. So desks can be shared and office space can be saved. Around 7,500 euros to a company thus save on monthly costs when only 25 employees to switch from the presence on teleworking. The workers see this combination as a new workplace concept very attractive. In a recent survey, 37 percent of respondents said they would like to work a few days per week from home and the next day as usual in the office.

Attractive Benefits of Home Office for Workers

The desire for it, at least in part Home Office to work seems therefore to be great among workers. Ascending trend. How so? Because teleworking course great advantages entails:

  • Elimination of commuting time
  • No jam in rush hour traffic more
  • comfortable clothing
  • family friendliness
  • Temporal flexibility
  • Undisturbed concentration
  • Increased mobility
  • More independent work
  • Better work-life balance

In the current demographic change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers to the demands of the new generations change to the workplace of the future. Pay attention not only to pay or promotion prospects of a job. Numerous other factors play a role for the choice of their employer. Among other things, precisely the reconciliation of work and family, flexible working hours , work independently as well as a balanced work-life balance. Telework has been an important, though not the only factor. Also models like job sharing or working time honor are increasingly on the rise. One thing is certain: hard working time agreements are becoming obsolete.

The office in 2025 not extinct, but a major overhaul

Whether the classic office will die out completely at some point, is currently difficult to say. By 2025, however, certainly not. So all the same? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The office will also be adapted to the new developments of the world of work. Finally, it is proved: who feels comfortable working productively. Therefore, the workers are to feel in the future in the office almost like home – if they do not already make use of the modern teleworking. This means: In the future office, you can decide which are your current needs, and then find an appropriate job. As such a modern office could look like? Here’s an example:

  • In a bright and open-plan room contains desks with the latest technology and ergonomic features.
  • On the desk are laptops and mobile devices, either provided by the employer or as BYOD variant (Bring Your Own Device).
  • Next door is an acoustically sealed-off room with an equally modern workplace at which you can perform unhindered confidential phone.
  • Also meeting rooms may not be missing at the office of the future, of course. But presentations are no longer projected only on the screen, but make the meeting more exciting by interactive elements and more productive.

Recently, there are also still a retreat for those who either in the break on the sofa looking for relaxation or which undisturbed search in comfortable surroundings after a particularly high concentration, creativity and peace.

The office in 2025 also offers much more than just desks and meeting rooms with screens: There is an office of the free choice of communication, concentration, cooperation and retreat.

Every coin has two sides

But of course – or unfortunately – will not be perfect in the future everything. The developments bring not only advantages but also disadvantages. Many people want to have a better balance between leisure, family and work. But this also means that the limits dissolve more and more. Technological progress allows the constant availability of labor and telework promotes this trend again in addition. So the work keeps increasing and in private life collection, on the weekends or even on vacation. This makes it clear that with the completely redesigned workplace of the future must be accompanied by new working structures. It is necessary to restructure hierarchies to change habits and to create new legal limits for the purposes of worker protection. Before us is a real challenge!

Are you also already affected by this change? Fashion in the home office or you want a Telearbeitsvertrag? And why not)?