The world of consulting is a highly competitive one. In this tough race, your consultant resume is your first impression…your foot in the door. It is your best face and should reflect all of your successes and potential in the business world.

As with most business dealings, the key here is the bottom line. When competing for a position as a consultant, all the people in the hiring firm want to know is whether or not you can make (or save) them money.

How to Write a Consultant Resume

The entire resume needs to be written in a firm, businesslike style, with special emphasis on how you made money for clients, saved them money, decreased costs, or increased the organization’s efficiency, complete with numbers.

Also draw attention to teamwork – the size of teams on which you’ve worked and which you have led, the number of people reporting directly to you, etc.

How to Write a Consultant Resume

Another key component to portraying your worth is the type of companies and departments you’ve worked in. Size of the company, in financial terms, is tantamount. Show potential employers what you are used to dealing with, and that you have handled situations like theirs before…successfully.

A consultant resume is often run through automated software looking for specific terms. This software will weed out resumes that don’t include the buzzwords they’re looking for.

How to Write a Consultant Resume

Know what is commonly looked for in today’s consultant market, and be sure to include the current buzzwords in the body of your skill set.

Don’t forget, however, that human eyes will be looking at the resumes that pass the software test. Use perfect grammar, spelling and punctuation, and make it engaging!

How to Write a Consultant Resume

If you are willing to relocate for your job, it’s a good idea to include it on your resume. Other things to include are industries in which you’ve worked, software and platform knowledge, foreign languages spoken, written or read, articles you’ve had published, technical skills, knowledge of certain business policies or business models or methods, and certifications.

Of course, as with any resume, you’ll include the relevant education portion in your consultant resume. Be sure to note if you graduated with honors.