Once you reach a certain level in your career, writing your resume becomes a much more intricate process. The executive resume is no longer the one-sheet listing of jobs and responsibilities that you used earlier in your life. Now is the time to really show what you’ve learned and how you can apply it to future positions.

The basic portion of the executive resume is typically two pages, and it is organized in much the same manner as a standard resume, with objective, education, skills, and work history. It is the details that set it apart.

How to Write an Executive Resume

Whereas in a one page resume, you may list a job you had and briefly state the duties it entailed, it is more typical in an executive sheet to state in more specific terms your accomplishments at each position.

While brevity is still necessary in your resume, it is expected at this level that you will be able to show your worth to employers with quantitative facts and learning experiences at your former positions.

How to Write an Executive Resume

The types of details you should focus on in an executive resume are, like I said, quantitative. Show, in numbers, how many people you have managed, projects you have overseen, or products you have launched.

Budgetary references are appropriate and give hiring teams a clear idea of what types of situations you’ve handled. Use increases in revenue and customer satisfaction surveys, for example, to show how you’ve gained wealth for your former companies.

How to Write an Executive Resume

When companies are hiring at the executive level, the main thing they’re looking for is increased wealth. They want to know exactly what you’re bringing to the table, and if you can’t show how your efforts will directly impact the bottom line, you’ll be of little interest to them.

The objective in an executive resume isn’t as goal-oriented as in lower-level resumes. Instead of, “A position as a manager in a large food-service company,” for instance, your objective should tell who you are and what you can accomplish, so it is appropriate and available whenever it is needed.

Writing the perfect executive resume is the perfect way to show off what your attributes are and may land you the interview you’ve been looking for.