Today for any job the recruiters are asking for computer knowledge as basic requirement and there is a lot of demand for IT professionals. To get a job as IT professional one should be able present his skills and knowledge in software or hardware in his resume properly and for this one should take advice and suggestions from the experts. Following are few tips one should keep in his mind while writing resume.

How write IT Resume: Write Years of Experience in Tabular Form


One should write about his computer skills especially what are all the different areas of expertise like Operating systems, Hard ware and software Networking, programming languages and tools.

How write IT Resume: Write Years of Experience in Tabular Form

And if somebody is applying for graphic designer job they should clearly mention about Adobe Illustrator, Dream weaver, Acrobat professional etc, and should enclose all his certificates along with the resume. One should not mention unnecessary information in resume. Resume should have all the requirements and skills asked by the recruiter then only the applicant will be called for interview which is the first success of the applicant. If the applicant happens to be a fresh graduate they should also mention and enclose their project papers, this will help them in getting better opportunities.


One should clearly mention about his special skills and the achieved target in the present or previous organization, how many years of experience they have all that has to given in tabular format, this will make recruiter easy to assess and know about applicant’s skills and experience and the applicant’s also enclose all their appraisal letters along with resume.

How write IT Resume: Write Years of Experience in Tabular Form

While mentioning the academic qualifications also mention about the challenges faced and how they have overcome such challenges. One should not use much technical words in resume, because the human resource executive or manager may not be aware technical terminology.

Covering letter

Everybody has a doubt whether to attach covering letter along with resume or not, covering letter definitely helps a lot, this can be used to write about skills interest for the job applied and also explain about his current situation and circumstances. Covering letter can be used to write and explain about the gaps in the career. Covering letter helps the recruiter to assess and know about the applicant without going through the resume call the applicant for interview. Hence one should not ignore covering letter.