10 good reasons for change job

change job

There are moments in life when you have to admit: The time is ripe for change. The Job Market lists 10 signs, where you realize that the previous job has been served and you should pursue new professional challenges.


Let's get out: reasons for changing jobs

  • You have a university degree and are going full time taxi.
  • The only thing you can laugh at your work, are these funny Youtube videos.
  • You work in the service but did not get a tip for years.
  • Hoping to get sick, you go in the winter morning by bicycle and with wet hair to work.
  • You have a relationship with more than one person in your company.
  • You are a marketing manager and have no MacBookPro Apple.
  • You look on Monday morning at the clock and wondering when finally is weekend.
  • You’ve studied business administration, because your parents wanted. Actually You would like to do something with animals.
  • The fans of your own team hiss out at every ball contact.
  • Your employer has filed for bankruptcy.

You want to change job?

You have chosen: a job change is needed. But how exactly the new job should look like?

Even if it is clear that we need a change, haste is called for with while.Unless you already have the perfect offer on the table. If not, you need to be on the framework of the new jobs in the clear.

Ask yourself the following five questions:
Change job1. What industry and in what capacity you want to work? Do you have the necessary qualifications for it?
Change job2. Do you prefer working in a hierarchically controlled entity or is you an open approach important? And basically: Do you prefer a clear framework or flexibility, for example in the working time models?
You want to change jobs?3. You want to look better realize in a young, dynamic company or work in a reputable company?And it must be an SME or an international company with 10,000 employees?
You want to change jobs?4. Are you a lone wolf or work better as a team?
Change job5. What do you expect from your new job? Should he especially his springboard, make fun or may be even a “place for life”?













Have to all points clear ideas, finding a job, nothing stands in the way. Only one thing you should keep in mind: Instead to pack up and move on his bundle, there may also be internal possibilities for a new job. Because sometimes the paradise of Hell is closer than you think.

When it’s time for a job change

Anyone who sees no future in the workplace, is frustrated and longing for a new challenge, for a job change is displayed. What one must pay attention not to fall into the fire by the rain.

When it's time for a job change

Listen to himself – time for a job change?

For many, the job is not exactly the truth, not to say to hell: Depending on the study one-third to 90 percent of all employees are dissatisfied with their work or even canceled already internally. Although the numbers may be too high: you nevertheless show that many workers should make seriously considering changing jobs.But very few do it. Often more is lamented as traded. It can elicit a few questions, if you really should look for a new job and to rouse itself.

Are you constantly dissatisfied?


everyone feels dissatisfied once. But if this mood persists over weeks and months, the conversation with the supervisor must be sought. For how to change something if nobody but you know that you no longer feel comfortable?

What makes you unhappy?

Know what you want? Only then you can work with your supervisor solutions, so that your tasks satisfy again.

Recognizing the right time to change jobs

Are all failed talks and possible change approaches, or can be your superiors not sure, then it’s probably time for a job change. The same applies to companies that are the Titanic sink right on. Then there is, on the lifeboats, as long as there are places available.

In case of bad working atmosphere all signs point to job changes

Also clear evidence of a job change are: the work, the company and the colleagues you make you sick. If you begin to feel powerless, before you enter the office, every morning afraid of humiliations by the boss and the working atmosphere pushes you to the ground, then the consequences should be drawn.

New listing or other priorities?

If indeed the work is true, but a significantly better offer flutters into the house or to change the living conditions so that the current job and private life are no longer compatible, it means also: Adieu. If you have decided on a change of job or want just look only times for interesting job offers, you can do so easily

Effects of generational change in the working world


Allianz study indicates go this year in the EU for the first time more people retire, move up as young people in the labor market. Steffen Laick, Head Recruitment at Ernst & Young, says the expert interview with the job market what that means for the entry opportunities for graduates, and brings the effects of the generational change in the working environment and the working conditions in general with them.

Mr. Laick, in the EU this year go more people retire, accede as new to the labor market. What is the situation in Germany?

In Germany, has been converted to a high school after 12 years, to the Bologna reform was underBachelor – and Master’s program introduced. This so many graduates than ever in the coming years on the market. Therefore Demographic Effects propose only to 2017 or of 2019. Then the young professionals are less.

thus climbing automatically buying opportunities of the successor generation or the relationship but not as easy as it seems at first glance?

It is the economic crisis hard to say whether graduates will have an easier time in the next few years. The demand is not in sight.

Are certain sectors from generation change particularly affected? In what areas of trained youth is missing?

In some industries, such as engineering or IT, the job situation is already scarce, highly skilled personnel is wanted. A study in these subjects is almost a job guarantee. The “dash-courses” such as economic computer science, economics and mathematics industrial engineering are sought.The shortage of economists will not apply until 2017 to us. Then, the probability rises to a good job, by the demographic effects. In the humanities that is more difficult – in the future. However, it is pointless to study something to which one has neither the desire nor special skills, just because the job prospects are particularly good in this field.

How is the labor market situation is changing due to the demographic development in 2017?

The “US-type” is also conceivable for the German market. I surmise that in future not primarily aim arrives thing, but to have a degree. This proves a graduate, he has analytical skills and can solve problems. Given the technical transmission could rise. It is conceivable that, for example, a historian working at an insurance company.

Do we need in Germany because of demographic change in the future increased immigration of highly skilled workers from abroad?

Germany will in future need more high potentials from abroad on one side and must create structures that do not turn to go on the other side German top people abroad. Ingenuity and innovation are Germany’s greatest asset.

What does this mean for business, science and politics?

Science, business and politics must dovetail closely. They do that already in some areas, however, which must be stepped up. Just science must learn to understand what the economy needs. The economy needs but conversely also look at what science wants. Both regions can learn from each other.

What is the function of focus is policy?

There is no silver bullet, but investments in education pay off in the long term in any case.Politicians must create the conditions: with willingness to invest in all levels of education, from schools to universities. Teachers and professors need to be better trained or trained and paid to attract the best teachers, including industries. This should be left to the professors and students to reflect what has been learned and the necessary time. If they only learn by heart and then forget everything again, helps anyone. Class sizes in schools have to be reduced, the equipment can be improved. I mean laptops, projectors, high-speed Internet, well equipped lecture theaters and classrooms.

How do the employers on the looming generational change? Is he already arrived in the minds of recruiters?

Yes, many companies are already responding to the generational change. You professionalize their employer branding, personnel marketing and recruiting. A few years ago hardly had owned your own Marketing Department – today almost all. Companies are increasingly using recruiters. You have noticed that it is no longer sufficient simply eject a fishing and to wait until an ideal candidate to bite. Figuratively speaking, they take a harpoon in hand and go on active search for employees.For this they are offering more individual and flexible working solutions, for example, with part-time work or childcare nursery while the parents work.

As the generations Y (born 1981 to 2002), X (1968-1980) and the Baby Boomers differ (1946 to 1967)?

The generations are different. Nevertheless, all have a secure job as a top priority. Care should be taken that it is not too generalized. Priorities there yet. The Baby Boomers are more anti-authoritarian and team-oriented. For them, work is at the center of life. Status symbols are important to them and the focus is on duty, discipline and safety awareness.

And what about the generations X and Y?

When Generation X, born 1968-1980, the work-life balance to the fore: Work must be fun. Although they work hard and succeed, but her private life must be guaranteed. The Generation Y, born from 1981 to 2002, their priority shifts rather in the social direction. Money is not the focus of it.Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Networks, however, are more important to work with new technology as well. As in the Generation X comes first life and then work. The Y generation is to particularly open. You can see that the information they reveal, for example, in social networks, on its own. For them teamwork and performance must match, career and family be compatible. They are very to web- and IT -affin.

In many companies, several generations work together. What results from this?

A cross-generational workforce diversity, equality departments and commissioners arise for cooperation between generations. Companies organize special workshops to improve cooperation.The different generations have to learn to accept their different approaches to work. A Baby Boomer example, sits up at night in the office. A colleague from the Generation Y takes an hour at noon, for jogging, working after hours of continued home. The bottom line of course has to be right doing the work performance.

They said that the younger generation is very Internet- and computer-raffin and grow with Social Networks. What opportunities and risks this entails?

Users should always take care of it, just to put the into the net, which all may learn and should, because the information will remain in the network and also get to work colleagues or business partners .

What should you even care?

The label must also be maintained in the network. Even if you no longer pays in chats, emails and SMS in case-sensitive and often abbreviations used should not make inquiries and applications to businesses and the classical rules in terms of spelling and grammar meet mandatory.

What else is important when you apply online?

Applicants should in no way standardized letter sent. Also, the CV can on the jobs to be aligned.

Finally: Do you have tips for today’s undergraduate and graduate-generation to a successfulcareer to lie?

An academic degree is still the best way to career start. However, one must always remember that this is the beginning only and must not rest on it. It is in constant competition with other graduates and the need for training. Network is also very important because good contacts can always be very valuable.

And how does a graduate in a job interview?

He must be thoroughly to the interview prepared. On the corporate home pages can be found in most cases enough information. For this, a graduate must themselves know to respond quickly and efficiently to questions á la “What are their strengths and weaknesses” inside out can. This is true for professional experienced workers naturally just.