What impact do my entries on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on my career? The Dos & Don’ts.

Everyone does it. No one’s to: yourself googling yourself. What Google knows everything and when appearing for hidden held photos suddenly on the Internet, which always causes amazement. You must not stand idly by as Google ruined your reputation. Help A few precautions to protect your privacy.


Less is more

In general, less is more. Enter on online platforms such as Facebook ,Twitter and Youtube only so much really, what everyone really must know.Make no racist or discriminatory comments. Publish never possible your address or e-mail.

Warning status message

Status messages such as “I am from January 10 to 21 during the holidays” act like a free ticket for burglars. Do not blaspheme about your job, your work colleagues or your boss . If you want something depressed, tell your friends or your psychotherapist. Distract instead attention with positive statements to yourself.

No Party Pictures

Party photographers are omnipresent. Better renounce once more to the party snapshot as if days later your boss asks you if you have celebrated wildly at the weekend. If Known publish unflattering photos of you on Facebook, ask the person to delete the photo again. If the person does not want to delete the photo, you can at least your “name tag” remove and uncheck thus.

evil tongues

If someone expresses bad about you and the entry will be ranked in Google, you can delete the entry. Ask the webmaster to remove the entry on the page. For more information about this topic, visit directly with Google.

blank How to remove information about you from the search results from Google

If the information that you want to delete, no longer on the current page on the Internet, but only in the search results from Google is available, send an email to Google:

1. Call up page on the www.google.de/support/bin/request.py
2. Select “remove information from Google’s search results” option and “Next” button.
3. Read the information carefully on the touchline and then click on the link “write us”.
4. The form, “I want to remove information from Google’s search results” completely fill out and submit.

Report Stalker

When harassment on Facebook or she may be blocking. For the blocked person you no longer exist on Facebook. You can not write on your Wall still private messages or send a friend request.